Christina Aguilera completely changed her appearance and shocked the Internet

Popular American singer Christina Aguilera completely changed her appearance, which greatly shocked all fans.

The 39-year-old singer was captured in new photos, which were then posted on the network for public viewing. According to, in new photos, Christina Aguilera appeared in black sweatpants and a tight-fitting black T-shirt, over which she wore a pink jacket. In this form, the star was captured at the moment when she took her daughter out of school in Los Angeles. Netizens, however, were most attracted not by her appearance, but by her appearance, which even shocked some fans.

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The photographs show that Christina Aguilera greatly gained weight. All netizens noticed this, some of which could not believe their eyes. “Is this really her? She is fine? I’m just in shock, ”the stunned fan wrote. “I can’t believe that Christina is in the photographs,” another said. Some users suggested that the star had some problems, against which she began to rapidly gain weight. Others suspected the singer that she was too addicted to food. Someone jokingly wrote that the photograph was not the star itself, but the one who ate it: “My God, it seems she ate Christina Aguilera.”

According to, Christina Aguilera is a very successful singer, as well as the owner of many music awards and awards. In addition, she is also the ambassador of the World Food Program and the UN.