Chinese response to Western blockbusters: New details of the acclaimed role-playing action Black Myth: Wukong revealed

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Role-playing action Black Myth: Wukong appeared literally out of nowhere and his debut 13-minute gameplay trailer literally wowed gamers from all over the world. But apart from this video, there was practically no information about this Chinese indie game.

Recently, IGN China journalists visited the Game Science studio office, where they managed to take a number of interview… Thanks to this, we have at our disposal new details about the game and its creators.

Below you can see a short selection of new details about Black Myth: Wukong And studio Game science

New Black Myth: Wukong Parts:

  • The game has been in development for two years now;
  • The team plans to release the game in at least three years;
  • The duration must be at least 15 hours;
  • The team plans to include over 100 types of enemies in the final game, including bosses;
  • Black Myth: Wukong – a stern look at “Journey to the West”representing a more complex and darker version of the story of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, accompanying a monk with a sacred scroll;
  • Three different monkeys were shown in the trailers – players will have to find out who is the real Wukong only after some time;
  • The game area featured in the trailer is called “Black Wind Mountain (Black Wind Mountain)… It took six months to create;
  • Black Wind Mountain“will be one of the earliest levels of the game. On Normal Difficulty this should take players 30 to 60 minutes to complete;
  • Before the creators considered the demo version of the video we saw to be ready for showing, they created four or five versions of the trailer;
  • The demo is completely playable and can be played in many different ways. For example, the hero can fight enemies instead of transforming into a Golden Cicada, allowing him to avoid combat;
  • During the battle with the “Wolf” boss, the player can use several different transformations – more than what is shown in the trailer;
  • The game currently has a test area called “Restroom“, which has four more bosses not shown in the trailer;
  • Black Myth: Wukong will be the first of three planned Black Myth games, each based on a different Chinese story. Co-founder of a Chinese studio Feng Ji intends to create a Black Myth universe – a kind of response to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some facts about the developers from the Chinese Game Science team:

  • Now 30 people are taking part in the development of the game. Three co-founders Game science founded the company after working in a Chinese holding Tencent;
  • The game is being developed as a premium console product, which seems unusual and risky in the case of the modern Chinese market;
  • The team discussed the possibility of outsourcing some developments to companies that worked with Naughty dog and Sony santa monica, but the studio did not go to this step;
  • Game science plans to hire another 10-15 people so that two separate teams can work on the level design at the same time;
  • After the trailer for the game went viral, nearly 10,000 job applications were sent to the company. Some people even came to the office themselves to ask for work.;
  • The company plans to be silent for a long time to focus on game development. The creators do not intend to show the project until they have confidence that they have something better on their hands than the debut trailer.

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