Children of Zodiarcs

The phrase about the boys and girls in the case of the Children of Zodiarcs be taken literally – is under our control are the three orphans from poor neighborhoods, led by a young thief Nahmi – they ply those that steal treasures and relics from the nasty rich adults.

“Ugly adult” – also in the literal sense: they are all here depraved, corrupt and cruel. One of the local nobles, surrounded by a crowd of guards, promises to put the head of teenagers in a prominent place in his trophy room.

Steal our heroes from the rich, but are not poor, and the leader of his gang, healthy man with a huge mace on his shoulders. And that is clearly not better than other adults – using children for their own purposes.

He was particularly interested in ancient relics, magic Zodiarki, which once caused a bloody war, and now are under tight security in cities divided into districts for the rich and the ghetto for outcasts.

And almost immediately it becomes clear that sooner or later our young pilferers have to deal not only with the rich elected (as well as with the guards, other gangs and even cultists-cannibals), but also with “their”, with those who drew them this business.

Pepper gives the situation by the fact that each of the characters has a trio of their opinions, character and its own history. In addition to the tough, purposeful and committed Nahmi there is diffident, shy cracker and arrows Pester and blond Bryce, mag-dropout ill-tempered and severe allergic adults.

Between missions, that we choose on the global map, the characters communicate, tell their cheerless stories about how they brought up the street, and remember my mother – despite the rather bright picture, the atmosphere in the Children of Zodiarcs adult, sad and cruel.

Children of Zodiarcs game review

Many complain of the slow movement of the enemy in battle, but in fact the animation can be accelerated simply by holding down the left mouse button.


Cards, dice, two “trunk” …

However, our kids too finger in your mouth not put – in the time of passage, they are sent to the light crowds. It is a battle, not talk – main dish Children of Zodiarcs .

On the one hand, this is a classic turn-based battle system: the heroes and enemies take turns attacking, podlechivaya comrades imposing any fines or gain and leaving on the defensive.

But most importantly, all their actions are determined by the drop-down cards – as it passes we discover new and add them to your deck. The closest analogue of such mechanics we’ve seen of Warhammer 40,000: Space by Wolf .

There are different maps: attack, support, or superimposed on the dirtiest of enemies – for example, immobilize them, forcing everything to lose an arm or lowering luck. Plus special action to allow, say, a couple of moves to get away into the shadows, becoming almost invisible.

In addition, every move we throw the dice in any board game. But instead of numbers on them – the characters are added to the selected action of one or the other passive bonuses. Some increase attack power, others add the cards in his hand, and others treat the character (even during a strike), give an extra turn or activate a special effect. Blue symbols further enhance the positive power-ups, but can fall out and red, giving, on the contrary, fine. If the result is still not satisfactory, are allowed to choose a maximum of two dice and throw them.

Children of Zodiarcs game review

Heroes & Maps “pumped” directly in combat.

Each of the characters may be several sets of dice, which are then effectively replace the equipment with passive bonuses – we choose what to equip your character, and as you progress through these sets of “pumped” and open slots for new ones. There’s even the ability to create cubes and replace in sets of some characters on others – so we are reducing reliance on luck, the fact that falls on the faces.