Child of Light

“The fairy tales are more than real, not because they tell us that
dragons exist, but because they tell us
that dragons can be defeated”

Child of Light (PS4) screenshotIt is not easy to stick your head up as much as Child of Lightachieves in one of the best times that independent development has lived and the vibrant appeal to nostalgia in video games. Ubisoft Montreal demonstrates with this essential downloadable that in addition to Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry , the great Canadian headquarters is capable of giving birth to true wonders in reduced format and as a luxury product, ultra personal works and made with care, away from the big blockbusters ,


high budgets, technical vanguards and immense open worlds to those who know how to excel in studying too. About 40 people and a moderate budget have served a team specialized in the graphic engine UbiArt Framework for, after a masterpiece like Rayman Legends , to shape a new two-dimensional relic and hand-drawn lines that is also a playable magnificence.

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, PC, PS4 and One welcome in their downloadable bazaars a safe production line, best formula and technical model that for no more than 15 euros ( 19.90 in its Collector’s Edition ) gives us about 10 hours of travel and

legends, from the reddish hair of the young and inexperienced Aurora Aurora, who with her timid steps will travel a magical wasteland like the caves, forests, lakes and confines of the magical kingdoms of Lemuria . Color and fresh proposal with much of the best RPG of the nineties, with direct references and inspiration of sagas

like Final Fantasyand the artistic section that shaped the always unforgettable Yoshitaka Amano , or the award-winning productions of Studio Ghibli . Child of Light is a moving and interactive canvas that also approaches structural poetry or harmonic music in its dialectic and sonorous compositions, with some more author’s stamps. The sensory journey, in addition to playable, begins as in the great mythological epics, with a beam of light that awakens.

Child of Light (360) screenshot

It may seem a short trip, it is if we travel without breaks or distractions. And, in fact, when more delivered we will be with his always melancholic and emotional proposal, its creators wake us up from the dream and we arrive at the impressive final stretch, probably the best.

Of course, we must consider the product that is: small, careful, sophisticated and delicate. How the best delicacies are served. And at a price comparable to current trends in the most famous but brief DLC of the great blockbusters, such as the notables The Last of Us: Left Behind or Bioshock Infinite: Marine Pantheon Ep 2 .

15 euros for what Child of Light offers is a price more than praiseworthy. This fantastic RPG adventure and 2D advance knows how to excel.

The nymph of the wind, light and sorcery

Aesthetics known under the brushstroke of Patrick Plourde , leading designer of the radical and persevering artistic style of the game. Aurora and the rest of the NPCs overflow

with charisma from head to toe, move and manifest in a very particular way in this tragic and somber atmosphere, like characters from an innocent fairy tale that ends up flirting with true existential deliberationsand eternal struggles.


Lemuria is an unreal world, rugged, vast and full of divinity. Sanctuaries, enchanted forests, stone villages and cliffs with mysterious caverns and waterfalls serve as terra firma for the little feet of Aurora, with the ability to move with ease also vertically and flush with the winds


between the intricate scenarios. The rolero role of the era of the 16 bits is immediately visible in the first dialogues, combats and exploration of the levels through the treasures in chests and corners. We will have to go back to collect everything, but in general we have a linear disposition.

Child of Light (360) screenshot Child of Light (360) IllustrationChild of Light (360) screenshot
Child of Light (360) screenshot

Child of Light (PS4) screenshotAurora will fight the creatures of the shadows to make the light shine in each lagoon and crack between trees. The recurring journey of the hero

who fights for the good and the persistence of his immense and attacked world. Minions from another world with many physical characteristics that will make them attack us and defend their cause in different ways. The redhead will not be alone, next to her, Ignículo, a flash with a life of its own like a firefly,


will face the hordes of beasts and demons that seek the destruction of Lemuria and its liveliness. This entity serves to dispose the entire system of confrontations, serving as a target pointer to distract and allowing

Aurora to release her most devastating spells to hunt from mythological animals to fearsome bosses that by size and characteristics raise the difficulty of game at a considerable level and that will delight the unconditional of the role in turns.

Certainly, the combat the Child of Light is one of the best and most innovative playable aspects. With a bar in the lower center of the screen, the player must follow the marker of their characters until they reach the final stage of action and right here choose the commands that will trigger to cancel the attacks of the rivals, cause altered states or Zero your progress in the bar.


The strategy is to know how each attack or command of our allies affects the advance of the enemy icons in the action barin compensation with the damage or states that cause them selectable sayings. Ignículos, meanwhile, can be handled by a second player with another command or directly in a singleplayer game with the right stick. It will stun, distract and amplify some attacks, it is important to fly around the enemy beasts.