During the First Era, the Noldor decided to leave the Blessed Reunion of Valinor in Aman to declare war on Morgoth, the lord of the evil that had stolen the Silmaril, magic gems that inside them had trapped the light of the Valinor trees. Despite the advice of the Valar, Arda’s most powerful beings, was to remain firm and bonded to the Blessed Realm, the Noldor moved with perseverance and compassion to recover what had been taken away from their world. During the battle Morgoth found great support from what was his most faithful and principal servant, Mairon, one of the Maia.

The latter had been the servant of Aule the Blacksmith, one of the Valar, before being angry by the Ainu voted for Male Melkor, the original name of Morgoth: passed to the dark side, Mairon decided to take the name of Sauron, learning and improving those that were his master’s goals, intent on destroying Arda. Mairon’s desire, in fact, was simply to possess the mind of all the locals of Middle-earth. Among the Noldors who waged war at Morgoth were the sons of Feanor, among them one of the princes, Curufin, who was bound by his father’s oath to retrieve the Silmaril: that solemn promise brought all the descendants of Feanor to Earth of Mezzo, where they founded their own kingdoms and organized the recovery of jewels.

The struggle led to a total ruin of Feanor’s house, with Curufin, who together with his brother Celegorm moved to the Hladder where he resisted Dagor Brahollach, the biggest battle in the Beleriand during which Morgoth unleashed against the Noldor all the power of fire at his disposal.

The landslide victory of the evil wreaked ladies infinite damage to the elves, who lost many troops and commanders during the battle, however, is that Curufin Celegorm managed to march on Minas Tirith until his welcome by Finrod Felagund in Nargothrond. Along with them was the eldest son of Curufin, who had followed his grandfather Feanor from the exile of Valar: that Noldor’s elf wasCelebrimbor , the Silver Hand. The forging of the Ring

Celebrimbor, Noldor of Valinor

Despite the favors gained at Nargothrond, Celebrimbor was unfortunately the protagonist of that ruin we talked about, with Feanor’s house that saw Noldor’s elves struggle in a fratricidal war that finally came to the killing of both Celegorm and Curufin by Beren and Luthien: Celebrimbor, who did not share the actions of his father and uncle, decided to defeat all his parent’s actions and decided to stay there where they had greeted him affectionately and then moved to Gondolin, the secret city of the elves created by Turgon: here the Silver Hand forged Elessar, a mythical gem that had a dual version.

The first was given to Idril, who gave it to his son Earendil, who brought it to Valinor; The second, however, was donated to the lady Galadriel, which Celebrimbor had fallen in love with, never having received, however, an affirmed love because of the already existing relationship with Celeborn. The Elessar, Ere afterwards, was donated by Galadriel to the one whom the Valar had destined to possess, namely Aragorn, who rose to the throne as King Elessar to preserve the reign of the Men of Numenor.