Celebrating the Old New Year with Star Wars: Star Wars: Battlefront II is Given Free on the Epic Games Store

In a digital store Epic Games Store another free distribution has started. Between January 14-21, PC gamers are offered to pick up the final edition of the multiplayer online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which includes all available updates.

The next free game of the platform for the period from January 21 to 28 will be a global turn-based 4X strategy Galactic Civilizations III… In the project of the Stardock studio, players will have to choose one of the many available races and create the greatest interstellar civilization.

Company Epic Games launched a generous giveaway promotion in December 2018 in conjunction with the launch of the EGS digital store. It was originally expected to end after the end of 2023, but it looks like PC gamers will continue to delight into 2023.

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