CD Projekt and Andrzej Sapkowski agree on the future of The Witcher – review

Cd projekt announcedthat she managed to agree with Andrzej Sapkowski and terminate the lawsuit which started author “The witcher“In October last year.

The Pole was not paid royalties, since he had long since sold the full rights to games for a penny, abandoning the percentage of sales – the writer did not count on the popularity of interactive works.

Now CD Projekt and Sapkowski have signed a new agreement, according to which the developers have all the rights to create video games, graphic novels, board games and other related products for The Witcher.

We have always been inspired by the work of Pan Andrzej Sapkowski. He has always been an inspiration for the CD Projekt RED team. Today marks a new stage in our ongoing relationship.

Adam Kichinski, Head of CD Projekt

It is noteworthy that agreement was announced in premiere day The first season of The Witcher by Netflix. The series received mixed reviews from critics, but so far strictly positive impressions from ordinary viewers.
At the beginning of the year was reportedthat CD Projekt will pay Sapkovsky some compensation, but less than the $ 16 million he requested.