Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse

Castle of Illusion is one of those games that marked a generation of players. When the 2D platforms were a reference in the 16-bit consoles, Mickey Mouse was able to star in a video game charming and fun in equal parts. The good memory of that experience, both in Master System and especially in its version for Mega Drive, is still present today.


That’s why, when a remake of the title was announced by Sega and Disney, the spotlights pointed directly to the icon of the Walt Disney factory. With some fear, why not say it, considering how they have finished some other remakes of essential titles of the nineties. One of the last examples, Flashback.

Mickey already tried to repeat the success of Castle of Illusion some time ago with a 2D platform that appeared on Nintendo 3DS and that turned out to be very far from what could be expected from a spiritual sequel. The developers were aware of this situation


and under that premise began to work on this remake that since Wednesday is available for download on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade .


Something less than 400 megabytes of weight, a price that approaches 15 euros and an experience that tries to update that charming platforms in which Mickey Mouse had to rescue Minnie from the clutches of an evil witch.

From the castle we will access different doors where each one of the worlds is.
From the castle we will access different doors where each one of the worlds is.

The plot remains intact in this new vision of the game a couple of decades ago, although different things have changed and more than a remake of the original title the feeling is to be facing a reinterpretation of the Castle of Illusionof yore. In other words, we are not dealing with structured levels in the same way, neither in design nor in challenge or organization of the enemies. There is an important bet in the development of the game that goes beyond moving


successfully the game of Sega consoles, and that has positive things but also negative. The general experience is far from what was the original Castle of Illusion.


And it is not a matter of nostalgia or memories, but a stubborn reality: a server did not do too much with the original game, and kept intact many of its virtues that are not present in the current title. That, and not “the memory”, show that this Castle of Illusion is not the same as before.

We began to control Mickey inside the castle of the witch who has kidnapped Minnie , and from that central point we have to go entering different doors to overcome the five worlds that counts. Although the presentation can remember games like Mario 64, there is no freedom of movement and choice of levels like the Nintendo game .


Here we can not go to a second world without the gem of the first, although we have the number of small gems that are asked of us. In total there are 800 gems distributed by each of the phases (there are three per world, two plataformeras and one level against a final boss) and half of them unlock all the worlds and we can access the final battle against the witch.


Of course, after a phase, then you canreplay to try to complete it with all the objects that it hides (gems, cards and chilis for in the case of the last two elements to win extras as new suits) or to do its time trial mode. In total, in about two hours you can have achieved 500 to 600 gems and have finished the game. Something more if we want 100%, but not too much.