Cars 3: Driven to Win

As such, the scene mode in the game. Instead, we add “Hall of Fame” with 136 tests for which performance is gradually unlock new modes, tracks and characters. Including open access to the so-called “check-in at the level of Master”, where Lightning McQueen (although you can take any character) competes one-on-one with the strongest contenders.

First, it is Miss Little, then Grand Maitre and Chico Hicks and ends all race against Jackson Storm. Victory over him and watching the final movie can be considered as the completion of the passage, though after that there is a lot of classes.

Because of the way the system is arranged progress, interest in the game is not lost. Initially, only the usual race may be run, where over three laps trying to win the leadership in the fight against seven opponents.

Then open combat race – the same thing, but on the road are scattered a variety of weapons, from missiles to low and barrels of fuel. All this is available in the race for the flight, but there is no fighting in the first place, because it is necessary both to destroy exploding card as soon as possible. Well, after a detailed study of all the tracks you can try the test of “best lap” and set records there.

Another mode is called “Wild race” and requires performing stunts whenever possible. Due to the fact that trampolines are placed after each turn, and all the cars are able to jump by pressing the X button, it’s easy to do. Suffice it to move in any direction right stick on the controller when the machine is in the air, as well as the time to let him go, and landing successfully.

To earn the highest number of points, only to jump and spin is not enough – it is desirable, in addition to travel on two wheels or backwards.

Although this is true for all modes, as these actions fill the bottom of the scale of the turbo screen. Understanding how to use it properly, is very important to get gold medals. And thanks to this feature, during the races never miss, even if the wheels seem to be tightened at first glance.

On the road full of opportunities to shorten the path (the opponents are, and so that they manage to find fast) continuously across the zone for drift, where nitrous oxide system is filled much faster, and there are small hills to perform tricks.

Cars 3: Driven to Win game review

When driving backwards move the stick in the opposite direction is necessary, but not as usual.

Races are held at two dozen locations, including on the beach, in a canyon in Tomasvilya mines on the freeway Radiator Springs – and all of them are unique.

The ranch sounds corresponding to the music, and now and then fly for maize. Driving along the backwater into a ravine Thunder, get on another ring road, which compete very different car, and try not to crash into them. And in the mines meet with working non-stop bulldozers from time to time standing in the way.

Characters too much, but they generally do not differ from each other – whether it is Lightning McQueen, Mater, Natalie Digest, Dr. Mack or rattle on the road, they behave exactly the same way. Perhaps for a younger audience it will only be a plus – You can take anyone you want and not have to worry about any extra settings.

For the whole family

And the children of Cars 3 certainly will get a lot of fun, as in all the races you can set a low level of complexity and do not worry about a strong contender. In some cases, opponents generally can slow down before the finish line, to allow the player to win.

If such “cheating” is not to his liking, available average complexity, which is more or less try everything without exception. But at high game becomes almost in WipEout – you need to use almost all the features on the track, earning as much nitro, acrobats and go backwards, rather than enemies overtake in the three count.

Only one race is not all – in the third “Cars” is the so-called “Games Tomasvilya playground.”

This is a spacious location at which the selected machine travels alone and can look for all kinds of tests: that for some time have to burst as many balls, you need to grab the core and throw it into the boxes, earning medals for great results.

There are also tasks that can be run only in the presence of at least one partner (supported by the local co-op for four players). Online here do not, except Share Play on PS4 can run.

Cars 3: Driven to Win game review