A few months ago came Kickstarter Carmageddon Reincarnation , a new installment of this saga that began its journey back in 1997 and was once a


benchmark in terms of graphics and fun, marking the youth of many players that they had to suffer how people put their hands to their heads in the face of the brutality that one of the main attractions of the game was, precisely, to run over young people, old people, dogs and everything that happened to us.

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With the idea of ​​bringing this wild fun back, Stainless Games started that Kickstarter project that managed to raise $ 625 143 and has gone through the different hands of the players thanks to a beta phase and a good handful of hours on the platform. Steam Early Access .

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If we look at the content and the fun of the game, the truth is that this new release rescues a thousand wonders all the essence of the previous chapters that many of us could play when we were still a beardless.

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The main attraction will be found in the Career mode, which will be introduced in different circuits, each with its own rules but, in summary, there will be

three objectives with which we will have to overcome each map and that are marked by the whole tradition of the saga: eliminate all pedestrians, destroy all enemy cars or complete before anyone else the different laps that we have to take for the circuit.

Although these laps are defined by different checkpoints, the truth is that we have total freedom to move throughout the map exploring its different corners in the


purest sandbox style, as long as we have enough time available in a countdown that we are marked in the top center of the screen and we will go up destroying rivals, killing poor “civilians” or passing precisely through these checkpoints.

The Witcher 3 sells 4 million screenshot

Another thing that we will gain throughout our careers are credits that we will use to spend on our behalf, as well as certain objects to improve our own


car or barrels that will help us obtain different advantages such as free repairs or overtime (although some of them may contain an unpleasant surprise).


These credits can also be spent during the course of the race repairing our vehicle or returning it to the map (the classic respawn of all life), benefits that will scratch a good handful of points.

To complete the career mode we have another series of modes and games that can be unlocked (free mode, for example), in addition to the different online modes that, however, despite being tremendously fun have the handicap of being weighed by a netcode that does not end up working as well as it should, which leads to the relevant problems of lag.


The destruction of the different components of the cars and the animations when it comes to repairing them during the race are quite good and the


blood given off by the different pedestrians that we run over our road also give it a spectacular air, however they do not arrive at the minimum level that


we must demand from a game today, with huge differences in terms of textures of the cars and the different materials of the city or other elements that we see on the screen.

This is in addition to that, despite having been in beta and Early Access and have been improved with the patches we have said before the game still has performance problems, especially in the framerate, which may fall from abruptly and that has problems even to reach 60 FPS in powerful teams … with the poor graphics of which we have spoken before.