Capcom Tests Unknown Update For Resident Evil 3 Remake On Steam

Company Capcom may prepare a new unknown update for the remake Resident evil 3as indicated by a new update in the database Steam

Over the past few days, the Resident Evil 3 SteamDB page has been updated with new QA threads hinting at testing new versions of the game. The last new branch, which was added about 16 hours ago, contains the description of TU1, which apparently means Title Update 1

It is not known exactly what changes the proposed update will contain, but you can recall that immediately after the announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake, the second part received an update that added an achievement with the search for a letter from Jill Valentine. Some speculate that in the patch for RE3, the developers may lay some kind of easter egg that will tie the game to the upcoming announcement of the new Resident Evil.

Earlier there were rumors about the development of a remake Resident evil 4 and spin-off Resident evil: outrage

Already on Thursday PlayStation Showcase 2022, and on October 1, there will be a TGS presentation for Capcom.

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