Call of Duty: WWII, the terror of Nazi Zombies

School trip to Mittelburg
This year’s horror theater is Mittelburg, a snow-capped Bavarian village where precious works of art are hidden – as well as abominable bloodthirsty monstrosities, of course. The task of retrieving these memorabilia is for the inevitable turn of the team, a dream team consisting of four valiant (and not) heroes who will accompany us on this hellish journey.
Drostan Hynd is a Scottish thief of works of art that is offered the opportunity to redeem, returning to play his beloved craft. Marie Fischer, on the other hand, is a brilliant engineer who has offered his help for the recovery of treasures plundered b
y the Nazis, but the woman is also in the desperate search for her missing brother. Olivia Durant is an art historian and weapon expert, but has not had many opportunities to hold a … Before. The leader of the expedition is the authori
tarian Jefferson Potts, the only member of the group to embark on a military career. In the course of the operation, our quartet will come across an unexpected disaster presented by hordes of genius creatures, courtesy of Dr. Peter Glücksbringer Straub, a man so genial as disturbing,
It seems that Activision did n
ot pay for the production of Call of Duty: WWII , just take a look at the names that make up the cast of Nazi Zombies. To give voice and face to the above heroes, there are stars of the small and big screen, including the charismatic David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) as Hynd, the beautiful Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) in those of Fischer and Élodie Yung (Marvel’s Daredevil), our Durant. We also find the golden globe Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction)
to give their talent to Potts, while Udo Kier (Suspiria) is the role of the villain Straub. Once again, producers give us a strong cinematic experience, supporting the support of these talented actors, but we should not ignore the most precious component of this cooperative campaign: zombies .
Call of Duty: WWII, the terror of Nazi Zombies
The subtle border between fiction and reality
As you have anticipated, Sledgehammer has therefore shifted away from the carefree tones of the previous co-op modes in favor of a more cold and serious approach, the one necessary to shape the most scary zombie campaign that Call of Duty has ever received.
The Second World War was the darkest moment in contemporary history, an event that exposed the insensitive ferocity of man, inside and outside the battlefield. Indeed, we must not ignore the erraticities carried out within the concentration camps by the Nazis, not
to mention experimentsperformed on humans. The concept of “terror” is thus exposed through small and more obvious references to the even darker side of the Third Reich, between occultism, esotericism and, abo
ve all, science. In Nazi Zombies we will find references to the Thule Society, the Wunderwaffe – the notorious super-weapons that would allow the Germans to overthrow the fate of the war – and why not, to Josef Mengele himself: the emblematic figure of the Angel of Death is strongly recalled by the character of Peter Straub, the crazy doctor behind the horrific human experimentation from which, in the game, the army of non-dead will be born.
After all, we do not find any big differences between videogame fiction and historical reality, it is for this reason that the choice of setting arouses us some anguish. It is well-known that in the years of the great conflict Nazi scientists conducted numerous experiments with the supposed aim of providing new and valuable knowledge to the Aryan race by practicing their perver
ted theories of the damage of the prisoners of the Third Reich. Similarly, Straub has identified a solution to “reuse” the bodies of German soldiers and thus create their own army, unless they lose control: the fierce creatures have been brought to life and strengthened by the graft of new organs, arts and metal components, thus gaining extraordinary resilience and an inexhaustible lust for blood.
Call of Duty: WWII, the terror of Nazi Zombies