Call of Duty: WWII and other games about the war ruin YouTube-bloggers

YouTube-bloggers, and simply put yutubery risk losing money by discussing the recently announced new product from of Activision – of Call of Duty: WWII – on their channels.

Not long ago, a popular video hosting has introduced changes in service policy, and now, advertisers have the right to withdraw advertising from the clips that contain images of natural disasters, tragedies, violence and promotion of drugs, sexually exciting content, images of political conflict and footage of military operations, as well as blasphemy.

The reason was an ambiguous situation with the advent of advertising banners in rolls, containing, inter alia, racist content. Some major advertisers, including the US cellular operator AT & T and the popular manufacturer Coca Cola beverages, turned to YouTube administration for support. As a result, Google has met and introduced a new functionality that allows advertisers to avoid the risk of their content view.

Yutubery in turn may appeal against the so-called “strike” (a mark that the content fits into one of the categories listed above), if they believe that he was unjustly obtained. However, popular bloggers are already talking about a strong decrease in revenue from its activities because of demonetization. In early April Gmbox I wrote that changes in YouTube advertising policies strongly affected the earnings PewDiePie

. About a third of all commercials Shelberga Felix (his real name) had been demonetized, and now he did not receive from them.

Now, a new YouTube policies and may be affected by those bloggers who overlook the game about the war, and in particular, Call of Duty: WWII, because it is based on real military action.

Popular yutuber PrestigeIsKey, whose channel has 1.1 million subscribers and is dedicated to a series of games Call of Duty, has already said that his video about the recently announced demonetiziruyut part shooter under the new rules. He admits that if this goes on, and YouTube will not change, he will have to look for a job.

Why is this regulation does not affect the other titles? After Call of Duty: WWII – is not the only game that tells the story of a real war, and certainly not the only game in which there is violence in one form or another.

As it turned out, the other games is also a concern, but the new part of the CoD got “under the distribution” through HYIP, which surrounds the recent announcement of Activision. In a sense, has not yet released the game became a victim of its own popularity.

Blogger under the name TmarTN, whose channel is also dedicated to the CoD series, notes that the monetization of other videos on his channel and exposed to the new system, but later some of them continued to generate normal income.

Affected by the presence in the title or description of the WWII movie characters are quite a few and they are all experiencing similar difficulties, making similar findings. Consequences of innovation can be more serious than it seems at first glance.

If YouTube does not take any measures, only some of the bloggers will be able to stay afloat and continue to provide their fans familiar content.

Otherwise the same will have to either close their channels and look for another job, or switch to other content. But freedom and a real passion for games – that’s what we like gamer blogs, is not it?

By the way, gaming video content nowadays is becoming a real mainstream. According to recent data from research firm SuperData, global audience of this video this year will reach 655 million people, as recently wrote Gmbox .

In the period from 2017 to 2022, this figure will grow by 21%, experts say. They also point out that the revenue from gaming video in 2017 will reach $ 4.6 billion, which exceeds figures in traditional sports fields, such as, for example, the top football leagues in Spain and Germany, which managed to earn $ 3.2 billion video and $ 3.5 billion, respectively, in the framework of the 2015-2016 season.