BulletStorm Full Clip Edition

 In video games, the witness was picked up by characters like Duke Nukem , a completely unreal hero profile and with as many cliches as could be include


d in a game of the 90. But we often forget that the past generation lived a strange flowering of this irreverent action, with clear exponents such as the Gears of War saga and especially this Bulletstorm . Saying many tacos and showing many guts was, in fact, the cornerstone on which many shooters rested a few years ago.


But Bulletstorm can easily become one of the bloodiest of all, and the worst spoken by far. Their dialogues often leave the classic “for me as if they eat shit and die” from Gears of War 2 at the height of a kindergarten insult fight. Between our drunk and specialist in messing up, Grayson Hunt , and the wonderful and antagonistic General Sarrano , the barrage of expletives could make you blush.


And it seems that no, but how the times have changed … Few games today resemble those irreverent shooters. Even Gears of War 4 does not keep that pimpish tone, while it retains the emotional. Playing Bulletstorm again six years later seems like a lifetime then


. Even the style when firing, his system of running with A or X, the Unreal engine making hyper-muscular bodies, are practically traces of another era. But Bulletstorm retains something that made it stand out and move away from the inexorable passage of time: its sys


tem of combos and punctuation. A way to face the battles with class, which punished the repetition and rewarded with improvements the creativity in the deaths of our enemies .


Shooter, but with its own style

The whip was the protagonist, capable of converting a standard shooter with some cover in a blood feast, where to approach the enemies to smash them against a wall of spikes and create all kinds of carambola with the explosive barrels. And if the whip attracted barrels and enemies, the kick catapults them forward, and in this game of tug-of-war is where great

mechanics mixed with the classic system of shooting and covering were created, forming a much more dynamic style of play and over everyt
hing, very funny. The people of People Can Fly was, at heart, very clever when it came to taking all the tropes of a gameplay and some mechanics used excessively and camouflaging them in something that nobody expected: aarcade of points .


BulletStorm Full Clip Edition analysis

The mechanics of the whip and kick created combinations that are rewarded with points. With these points, you unlock improvements.

The experiment, in my opinion, worked better than your sales. The game sold below one million units and both Epic and Electronic Arts considered not amortizing the initial investment, canceling a sequel project. Logical, on


the other hand, considering that the title came in full swing of the multiplayer shooter. But for the players, Bulletstorm was a different and casual way to enjoy a shooter focused on the experience for a player. Something that seems to make more sense now, with examples like the new Doom and Wolfenstein.


BulletStorm Full Clip Edition PC

For that audience, perhaps, go this BulletStorm: Full Clip Edition , a remasterización that without having any technical boast in particular, helps to play the game with the advantages of the new generation, a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames


per second (4K in PS4 Pro and PC), while serving as a pretext to rescue your multiplayer, the so-called Anarchy mode , a sort of Horde mode for up to four players to survive waves of enemies. It also returns the Flashback mode , where you repeat missions that now have a special way to do it with pre-set rules, such as not firing the weapon, for example.


Bulletstorm was a different and casual way to enjoy a shooter

We did not at first bring the name of Duke Nukem lightly. The game of People Can Fly always reminded us of this character and his way of sweeping the stage with jokes and expletives, but fate or destiny wanted to join this license with Gearbox, who

own the rights of the duke, so one of the most striking attractions is the so-called Duke Nukem Tour Mode , a way to play the complete campaign with Don Pelotas de Acero, which beyond being a simple change of skin, is also the addition of new scenes, dialogues and recorded voicesof the original actor Jon St. John, to try to square as
possible the fact that Duke Nukem appears in a game of Space Mercenaries in the distant future. With the classic kick of the duke, yes, it has more than easy. The result is interesting, especially for those who are rescuing a second time Bulletstorm and want to see some changes beyond the purely technical, but do not expect this change drastically change the final game.


BulletStorm Full Clip Edition

BulletStorm Full Clip Edition PC

The face wash thanks to the new resolution and the high rate of images per second help a more polished, clear and smooth experience than originally enjoyed in console.

Bulletstorm has always been the most direct game you can find, without hiding its flaws or its virtues. By the time it reached the stores, it was perhaps too unnoticed due to the high competitiveness in the genre, so this remastering can help bring the


work of People Can Fly closer to those who missed it or did not live the previous one generation. Yes, the price and lack of physical distribution in Spain that requires importing the game from other countries in Europe do not make things easy. Maybe


it’s better to wait until that price is reduced in digital or you can find a good offer to bring it from another country. When you do it, you will discover an experience that takes you back to the past, but keeps its mechanics fresh thanks to a handful of correct decisions.