Bruce Wayne returns to Ep. 1 of Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Telltale Series  has greeted us with its epilogue, leaving us bitter in the mouth. The series, as we reported in the reviews of the different episodes , offered very interesting ideas, but ended up with the loss of the streets and emphasized at the end of the conflict the conflicts that had been less impacted during the each other. The result was that everything that was good was noticed and pinned in the four previous episodes did not find justice in the final season, which almost gave the impression of being frustrating.
With a world-wide license in hand, Telltale has decided to try and once again puts us in the role of his Batman and above all of his Bruce Wayne, a Gotham paladin who needs a hero again to survive . This is how Batman: The Enemy Within begins with a new complicated challenge for Bruce, and an even more complicated but definitely stimulating for Telltale.

Where were we?

Let’s make it clear that Batman: The Enemy Within  gives you the opportunity to import the rescue of the previous season. You can do it comfortably if you are on the same platform, while you can use Telltale’s cloud to load it online and download it to another. If none of the two options apply to you, or just in case you have not played Season 1, you can simply answer some questions to set game events consistently with what you’ve done in the previous five episodes. None of your decisions will be abandoned in the street, but the Gotham in which you will act will be shaped by the good choices and mistakes you have made in the past.

After completing this procedure, you can dive into the events of episode 1 of the game, The Enigma , whose title is already quite explanatory. The rhythm of the chapter, which lasts well around the two hours, is amalgamated in a very effective way and succeeds in bringing together (so many) action sequences and others where you simply have to reflect and decide what kind of Batman you want to dress up clothes.
To remain in the field of writing, we very much liked the way Telltale, right away and without too much spin of words, wanted to empower the player, even though he was a debut chapter, The Enigma is rich in choices that may have repercussions in future events and which you will have to take on your superhero shoulders. The lives of others will depend on your gesture already in this episode 1, in which you will find that to be a paladin of justice and at the same time a man of impenetrable morality may be complicated.
You will then be called to decide whether to marry transparency and effectiveness, whether to yield to the bluff of a maniac or to trust your instinct if you risk sacrificing yourself or someone else. Coupled with these choices that keep the tension high are also the tones used by Telltale, which we found to be much crude and mature compared to Season 1: the evil done by the bad ones, as they remain in a comic strip, are often shown in all their sincerity, with mutilated corpses and victims of the skeleton with which you can not remain indifferent.
And here, you go back to the previous point: what is the best way to guarantee some justice in Gotham? Is it better to sacrifice something to have more resources available or to remain consistent with their philosophy, with the risk of other victims? The Enigma  can get you in a dilemma between one dilemma and one that will leave your choice in hand. To make even more effective what you decide, a new mechanics has also been introduced: relationships.