We live in times of change in the industry: it is no longer just about playing video games when they go out to the market, but there are tools that offer the players themselves to be involved in the products before they are completely finished, after paying for a ‘ early access .


We do not talk about demos charged at the price of gold; but of games, to the use, that could be equated to the episodic format of the graphic adventures of TellTale. Broforce is one of those titles, a project initiated independently in 2012 by


Free Lives Games and that received a green light from Steamin June 2013, it was launched for sale in April of this year. Why are we talking about him now, you ask? Mainly because it has been several months since its launch and we have seen how it has progressed


despite staying in an alpha state, that is, when the full game goes on sale, will touch revisit this text and update it with the appropriate content, since right now it is a concept developed in a very professional but, evidently, incomplete way.

This does not mean that in Broforce we do not find enough content to justify its price, nothing is further from reality. For a tight € 13.99 we found a campaign with four worlds of ascending difficulty, an online cooperative modeand other options for local mode. Quite a lot more than what other games offer for a higher price, everything is said. But before going into detail in all this,


what is Broforce? Mainly, the son molded in pixel-art of Contra, with the sense of humor of Metal Slug and an ability to absorb references to popular culture that make it a pure delight for lovers of the craziest actionand unleashed with influence in the actioners of the 80s /


90s as Crystal Jungle, Rambo, Predator, Universal Soldier or Lethal Weapon, to say some. Its managers have worked so that innumerable icons of the time make their appearance here, though, always in an ‘indirect’ way because, as they told us in the Gamescom a few weeks ago, they do not have the licenses of the characters that the game has; not missing, ‘because they are parodies’ , they told us.

Broforce (PC) screenshot
Broforce (PC) screenshot Broforce (PC) screenshot

Thus, part of the game’s grace lies in being able to use action movie icons that we unlock as we complete missions and rescue our ‘Bros’ along the way. At the moment there are a total of 23, which would be Ash Brolliams (Ash of infernal possession), BA Broracus (MA of Team A), Brade (Wesley Snipes incarnating Blade), Bro Dredd (the judge from the comic, Dredd), Bro Hard (John McClane in person), Bro in Black (Will Smith of Men in Black), Brobocop (self-explanatory),


Brodell Walker (the same Chuck Norris in his character as Walker, Texas Ranger), Brominator (from Terminator), Brommando (the ‘Chuache’ of Commando), Broniversal Soldier(Van Damme characterized as his Universal Soldier character), Colonel James Broddock (again Chuck Norris, with his character from the series Disappeared in combat), Indianna Brones


(Harrison Ford, of course, as Indiana Jones), MacBrover (effectively, McGuiver!), Mr. Anderbro (Neo of the Matrix), Rambro (self-explanatory), Snake Broskin (the very Serpent of the John Carpenter saga),  The Boondock Bros (from the movie The Elect),


Bronchete (Danny Trejo, as Machete), Bronan the Brobarian (Conan the barbarian, of course), Ellen Ripbro (Ellen Ripley of Alien), Time Bro (Van Damme in Timecop, police at the time) and Cherry Broling , the Rose McGowan of Planet Terror.