Breathedge released “The Shortest Story Update” – Normandy

Russian studio Redruins released another update to his ironic space adventure Breathedge. The developers called it “the shortest story update in history”: now the guy can fly to the very “Normandy”, which previously was only a mark outside the playing area.

In the update, the developers at the same time fixed some game errors (but do not remember which ones) and added new ones (but which ones will not say). But in general, the story of the only surviving passenger of the crashed space hearse is already approaching the finale.

The creators of Breathedge announced when the game comes out of early access Steam. It will happen in 2023. Those who have not yet bought a great game with extremely positive reviews can do so with 30% off: she’s about to appear.

Recall that early access to the game opened in September 2018. Over the past year, with a little to it, a number of updates, additions, patches and extensions have been released. And until the end of the story, it remains to open the last two chapters.