Breakway, tried the game developed by Amazon Game Studios

That the eSports landscape is ever growing is undeniable. Do you want because of a more and more present communication about the competitive side of the video game, why do some of the most popular games of the last few years are directed towards electronic competition (someone said Overwatch?), The fact remains that this type of product is now entering into the daily life of many players.
It follows that many development studies are being launched in similar productions, trying to cut out the niche that has so far not been satisfied. This is the case with Amazon Game Studios and their Breakaway, a simple brawler team to approach and enjoyable to play and watch. In short, at Gamescom 2017, we came into contact with a title that gave us impressive positively positive.
Catch the ball and run
In the wake of the moment, even Breakeaway tries to hybridize some basic mechanics of the various MOBAs and alike, which are useful in creating a structure that somehow can be unique.
We start from the beginning: the matches take place 4vs4 with a score limit of Best of 5 (five match available, who wins three wins at home the “cup”).
 The opening screen puts us in front of the character selection, currently through a fairly narrow roster, which is divided into the classic dps, dps range, tank and support categories. A setting that resumes, as already mentioned, the dynamics of division into classics of contemporary hero-shooter / MOBA.
Once you enter the gaming arena, we find that Breakaway has a third person view to guide our heroes to the conquest of the Relic, a ball that will spawn the center of the map and will serve to score the points useful to win the victory. To take home those points we should carry the Relic to the base of the opponent. At this time, the real title of the title, extremely cooperative and exciting, comes into play.
Breakway, tried the game developed by Amazon Game Studios
Creating the right synergy between the team’s classes and the playstyle of the various players will make a difference: moving the object from the center of the map to the enemy spawn involves a lot of communication and interaction with our teammates. The tank will have to look for damage to the Relic Bearer, and the various dps will have to try to kill as many as possible.
Defense phases will also be studied very well, bearing in mind that each hero will have different abilities. It goes from those that increase attack values, speeds etc to others that represent unique attacks and with specific skills.
There is also the possibility to place on the ground traps that slow the adversaries, rather than huge bales that make the real turrets. In short, Breakaway offers a very good variety of varieties, both in playful and pure entertainment. Before we played, we saw some matches played by our colleagues and we had a lot of fun watching the action’s dynamism.
Of course, it’s still too early to let go of final judgments, but what we’ve seen about Breakaway has certainly liked me. We will know more about it in the coming months, meanwhile, lovers of eSport, keep an eye out for this title.