Forced replacement of

staff of the Danish studio the Interceptor Entertainment’s – it’s a long-standing and loyal fans of old Duke Nukem. That they once began to work on an ambitious fansite remake of Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded , what attracted attention and 3D Realms , and of Gearbox Software .

The latter, as is known, bought a big-name brand for the shooter Duke Nukem Forever . How to assure themselves Danes, they then clashed with of Gearbox – she saw in Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded serious competitor and otherwise impeded the development of the project.

But 3D RealmsIn contrast, I appreciated agility Scandinavians and started fruitful cooperation with them. Interceptor Entertainment has done a remake of Rise of the Triad in 2013, finished version of Duke Nukem 3D , Duke Nukem 2 and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for Steam.

And then I began to work on a brand new game – Duke Nukem: the Mass Destruction . But here on their way stood up again of Gearbox Software , more precisely, its lawyers, the ban through the courts to use the image of the legendary hero of virtual fighters.

Interceptor EntertainmentIt was forced to change its name and highlight the role of Shelly «Bombshell» Harrison, which originally was supposed to just help the Duke. Here, of course, begs some angry paragraph in the address of Gearbox Software – say, the bourgeoisie, the monsters do not give devoted fans make a normal game.

But you know, if the Interceptor Entertainment has changed only the name and the main character, and everything else was to be present in Duke Nukem: the Mass Destruction , it may, of Gearbox Software did the right thing – more useless once again to defame the legendary name.

Bombshell game review

Periodically, you need to activate some alien mechanisms, elevators and panels.

Duke Nukem in the skirt

at first Bombshell intrigues and inspires hope. Plot complication – the best ever. Aliens are attacking US and grab their president directly to the White House. Deal with the bad guys cause our beautiful Shelly Harrison.

She really turned out very charismatic. Once upon a time it was Colonel sapper troops in the Global Defense Force, but then lost his hand, retired. Do yourself a spectacular mechanical prosthesis Shelley leaned into free mercenary, but to save the president and help former colleagues rushed, not for money, but in his heart.

In the first minutes of the game, in the beautiful movie and dialogues, Shelley behaves as if acted Duke Nukem in the best years, – mowing stern gaze, looking at the enemy on top of a huge revolver, pulls their heads, pushes his boot and comments on all this orgy of savory frazochkami in the spirit of “it’s time to paint the White house red” or “they came, they tried – they died!”. Not enough except that the bottle of whiskey in her hand and a metal cigar in his mouth.

Boredom instead comedy

Shelley, and will continue to release more or less successful jokes (and even to conduct dialogues with a certain ironic drone) and take your enemies head in scripted and quickly bored sketches.

But the hopes vested in it still does not justify, in spite of all his charisma and pretty face. And to blame first and foremost writers.

Do you expect that this brutal girl cyborg will smash the clubs, alien villains beat his head against the bars and soak them in Washington toilets, chasing them in a jeep on the streets and destroyed an American rescue frightened bystanders. Instead, it is sent to smooth out some grim alien location, located on four different planets.

And all this is served with the most serious face – a history that such a complication is ideal for trash-comedy, as a result of falls in a banal, boring tale about how the aliens enslave the human brain and converted former colleagues Shelley mutants and monsters.

Bombshell game review

Jump across the gap so uncomfortable as possible.