The art of Zen in Infinite Golf

Mini golf is undoubtedly one of those activities that transforms man into a beast. Behind the calm of the putt, the creativity of some holes and the atmosphere designed for the little ones hides a sadistic and ruthless game in which we are at a single wrong shot away from the worst version of ourselves.


Seriously, both golf and minigolf are based on the same principle of maintaining an Olympic calm and a strong concentration so as to give the ball the right thrust and angle to get into the hole in the least number of shots possible.


The problem is that we must maintain this state even when the blow has gone wrong, otherwise the situation plunges into a spiral of frustration from which it is difficult to get out. He knew who played on Neo Geo Neo Turf Masters and will soon discover who play


Infinite Minigolf, a title released about a year ago on Steam and soon available on Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with compatibility with PlayStation VR that does not then adds a lot, if not a closer point of view.

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Infinite Golf is the classic arcade game of minigolf that is always a pleasure to keep in your collection and unleash at the right time, or when there is some friend at home to challenge each other. If you want you can play alone against the computer, against friends and online.


It is also possible to compete in a series of routes divided into three main settings: a house, Halloween and Christmas. If this is not enough, the game will soon be populated with thousands of user-created content and if it is not enough, you can always create your own. The editor of the game is extremely simple, but will allow you to create an infinite number of holes, counting on crossings, obstacles, power-ups, turns of death, ramps and traps.


The only constraint for those who create a route is obviously to go into the hole at least once, to demonstrate its feasibility.


The great number of tracks is undoubtedly one of the most important strengths of Infinite Golf, but if you prefer to play only on those created by the developers you would still have plenty of hours full of increasingly intricate and complex paths. The goal of the game is obviously only one: make a hole in the least number of shots possible.


However there are bonuses that will allow you to increase and multiply the score. For example, along the track are scattered blue balls and a purple diamond that will give additional points, make a hole in one doubles the final figure, and finish in a short time will further raise your chances of staying ahead.

The art of Zen in Infinite Golf


Wanting we can customize our alter ego by deciding sex, hair, shoes, pants, belt, t-shirt or jacket, the color of the club and the ball. Some items will be unlocked simply by completing the single player campaign or winning online tournaments, others can be purchased using some cards that we will get after our victories.


There are various types of cards, divided by each type of object that we can buy and which we can spend only in that category.Therefore, “trouser” cards are used only for trousers,


like belt cards and so on. Infinite Golf also provides a series of achievements that are intended to make the game discover in all its parts and that increase our level and consequently the items that we can unlock. Others are the objects that we will find in the races and that we will have to exploit to squeeze a track to the maximum.