Bokida – Heartfelt Reunion

Planetary love
This title was born in fact as a true student project of a team of French guys who, after receiving good feedback from the public, made the decision to turn their creatures into a full-fledged video game, expanding it further and creating around a story, in this case inspired by Taoism. In Bokida we will take control of a “messenger”, and we will have to help two loving planets rejoin each other. To do this, we will have to explore the world in search of solving puzzles only by using our abilities.
The peculiarity of this game lies in its true dual nature, appealing to more than one category of gamers: anyone who wants to focus solely on the challenges we have at our disposal could potentially finish the game in a matter of hours by simply completing the puzzles of “Monoliths”, while all those interested in learning more about history can lose and explore at their own pleasure an incredibly vast world. Not surprisingly, developers have compared the gaming experience with titles like “Journey” or “Dear Esther”, emphasizing the freedom of exploration that the title makes available to us.
Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion
Build, cure and cleanse
Gameplay, in addition to being able to run and jump, consists mainly in the use of 4 actions: building, cutting, pushing and cleaning.The first action, “Build,” will allow you to place one or more blocks where it may seem appropriate: there are no limits and we can use them to create real towers to reach places that are otherwise unattainable.
Blocks will also remain permanently within the world, unless we decide to destroy them. However, because the excessive number of polygons may cause slowdowns on some computers, why developers have put in a special function in the menu to permanently delete all blocks that have been created so far.
The second feature, “Cut”, will allow you to create a sharp line in any direction and size you want: it can be used to slicing our own blocks or some elements of the scenario, in order to solve certain puzzles.
Finally, “Push” will be used to push blocks, or other compatible elements, to a predetermined direction, while “Clean” can clear the area of ​​all the objects we created, useful in case we made mistakes and want to try again .
By exploring, we can also unlock powers that may be of additional help, such as the ability to change gravity or trigger a slow motion effect.
Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion
A sleeping world
The setting is incredibly fascinating and engaging: the advancement of the game and the unlocking of the monoliths will further expand the colors and the landscape itself, giving the effect of being in a world that once had to be even more beautiful than we have found. Bokida is an experience that can become very relaxing thanks to the already mentioned immense exploration and a beautiful and simple soundtrack that will make it difficult to realize the flow of time.
Puzzles can be particularly challenging, and the clues provided to us are very few, and even their own position may be confusing in the eyes of an inexperienced player; Also, as we have already mentioned, the game may even be over in a couple of hours.
This is a very special title, unsuitable for impatient players and even those who seek only a very long challenge, but which can be a nice relaxing experience for everyone else.