Blue Reflection, review of the new Gust Magic RPG

The hard life of teenagers
The protagonist we will interpret, Hinako, has a strong passion for the ballet; she was a young promise of this discipline, who was forced to abandon forever due to a serious knee injury. This made him lock himself in, as he could no longer find a sense of
his life after losing the only thing he really liked. But everything was going to change: the first day of school, after meeting an old mate of companions and havi
ng witnessed unusual behavior, is suddenly dragged into a fantastic world where human emotions, called Common, inhabited by so-called Demons; Hinako will discover that he has the power to turn into a Reflector
and thus gain the skills necessary to repel monsters and help his friend, stabilizing and gathering his memory fragment. Later she will meet the sis
ters Yuzu and Lime, who also have the power to turn into Reflector, and to persuade her to join their cause, they explain that the world is about to be attacked by powerful crea
tures, the Sephira, and said that by defeating them all will become their greatest desire. Hinako naturally hopes that this may mean to be able to dance again and accept the proposal of his two new friends, starting the mission to collect as many pieces of memor
y as possible to prepare for the upcoming battles.there are therefore issues with which several young teenagers can interfere, who are facing different changes in their lives and feel destabilized.
Blue Reflection, review of the new Gust Magic RPG
Inside Reflection
The story of the game will take place almost entirely within the female school, with our heroine trying to get new friends and stabilize their em
otions, collecting at the same time as many pieces of memory as possible that are needed to be able to be adequately strengthened in preparation for the more challenging battles. In this title we will not livelier in the classic way by c
ollecting experience by knocking enemies, but by strengthening ties with our companions: it means that after picking enough fragments or after spending time out of school with them, we will be able to level the 3 Reflector, also choosing which attribute set
s to concentrate (Attack, Defense, Support, and Technique) unlocking exclusive skills depending on the feature you choose. In the Common there are only 4 scen
arios with their own exclusive enemies, depending on the emotion they have faced at this time: happiness, sadness, fear and anger (it would only be disgusting to complete the cast of a Disney / Pixar movie), plus some combinations of emotions available in the second stag
e of the game. Little originality, unfortunately, even for the demons facing themselves, only 10 categories that include both the basic shapes and their respective stronger versions,
Blue Reflection, review of the new Gust Magic RPG
Therapeutic combat
Blue Reflection is a turn-based role game in which allies and enemies will attack depending on their position in the “wait time” bar, available at the top of the screen; some moves may also affect waiting, due to the paralysis that will prevent them from
moving or by knockback attacks that will push even more enemies in wait time. Our 3 Reflectors have moves with different attributes: Slash, Heart, Impact and Pierce; as mentioned above, each Demon has several weaknesses a
nd resistance, and we must therefore carefully consider what steps it takes to perform. Continuing in the game will unlock several new mechanics,
nlivening a gameplay at the beginning very simple: for example, we will unlock the ability to use the ether bar during our waiti
ng time to protect us from enemy attacks or wait less time before our next move: we may also have a turn to recharge it and, when the bar is fully charged, make an overdrive
to use multiple shares simultaneously, consuming even less MP than usual. The gameplay of Blue Reflection, therefore, it evolves very slowly:
it will take several hours before it can unlock all the most interesting titles mechanics. We will not have to worry more about saving the forces
during the challenges, since health and magic points will automatically replenish at the end of each battle; however, we can use objects
before each battle to boost us, the effect of which will last as long as we’re inside the Common, and create more with a simple crafting system
, even enhancing memory fragments to suit the various skills . Unfortunately, these mechanics are also superficial thanks to the low difficulty of th
e title: we have completed the entire game with normal difficulty without ever being defeated, meeting a minimum level of challenge only during t
he final stages of the game. We strongly recommend players with a minimum of experience, therefore, to start their own adventure immediately starting at the difficult level.
Blue Reflection, review of the new Gust Magic RPG
Back to school
The texture, light and with a few more dramatic moments, lets you follow with pleasure also to support a good dubbing in the original langua
ge; but we must point out that the title was not translated into Italian and the same English translation
did not occur without several typing errors. With regard to the graphic level, animations are pretty convincing in certain cutscenes but inexplicably mechanical in others, with technical details certainly not up to the current consoles; we also
show a frame rate for most fixed at 30 fps, with some small clumps to the 60’s.The part of the game made with greater care and attention is definitely the soundtrack, especially during standard battles and bosses: melodies are definitely
nice to hear and attract the attention of the player . Longevity is average for such titles, attending around 30 hours that can increase up to 40 if
you choose to perform any secondary mission and unlock all possible fragments; Once completed, you will be able to access a New Game +, which is superfluous if you consider that completers can perform all the activities of the case already at the first run.