Blizzard may release Overwatch 2 before the summer of 2022 – Igromania

Portal Dexerto, referring to his own sources, writes that Activision Blizzard plans to release Overwatch 2 until next summer.

Formerly Insider Metro talked about postponing the release date indefinitely – according to him, Overwatch 2 could be postponed until 2023.

However, Dexerto believes he is wrong. It is important for the publisher to “gold” the project as quickly as possible in order to stir up interest in Overwatch league… Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of live events, it is going through hard times.

It is alleged that the leadership of Activision Blizzard told the creators of Overwatch 2 to stop adding new chips, clean up existing ones, fix bugs and get the game ready for release as soon as possible.

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