Blackwood Crossing

Formally, it is a short, very beautiful and stylish adventure game with puzzles, which tells about the relationship between a teenage girl named Scarlett and her younger brother Finn.

They soon were orphaned and brought up by his grandparents. But Scarlett already hard grows up, she has a admirer and Finn remains all the same eight-year boy who wants to play, requires attention and is very attached to his sister. In the end, Finn closed in itself, psycho, fire suits, and all the way Scarlett is trying to calm him down and save.

However, this retelling of a miser does not reflect the essence of what is happening in the Blackwood real estate Crossing . And there unfolds a real psychological and somewhere even psychedelic drama, which resembles something surreal parable Terry Gilliam(Terry Gilliam) or, for example, the first season “legion” shown in the year on the channel FX.

Scarlett is going somewhere by train, but in fact it is a trip to the halls of the mind – whether it, or a brother, or for their common fictional country that stretches into the subconscious.

They periodically see figure grandmother, grandfather, mother and father, Man Scarlett teacher Finn and his classmate, who kept touched him. The figures stood in some positions, if they had been broken off during a call, and instead people have masks of various animals.

On the walls of the car hanging movie posters with references to the brother and sister (invented by Finn, of course), and in the corridors appears periodically boy with a rabbit head, which carries Scarlett into the hole, and to a huge tree, where you can get in their own Wonderland – the attic where they played brother and sister, or a fictional island of Finn, in his own country of dreams.

The final sounds beautiful lyrical song – music everything is good!


To live in your head

In the midst of all this we psychedelics with Scarlett solve puzzles. Most often you need in the correct order to interact with the very figures of masked men. Something that reminds memories reconstruction of of The Vanishing of of Ethan Carter (where, incidentally, also tells a sad story about a boy): we have right to associate with each other replicas of different characters, then the figures begin to make some general scene.

Or, for example, they need to give things Finn, taking into account what they say and remember the characters.

Sometimes you just need to look for items and use them in the right places – for example, to fix the swing in the fictional country Finn (Finnland, of course!) Or use a fire extinguisher and put out the fire, arranged by his brother in the car. In other situations, we quickly press the indicated key to draw something on a pad.

There Blackwood Crossing and elements of real magic. At some point, Scarlett learns to animate objects (such as painted butterflies from a notebook), and accumulate the fire in his hands – so you can again put out the fire, just absorbing the flame of his, or to disperse the darkness that sometimes envelops brother.

Somewhere in this darkness just need to grab as something material, and get into the world to destroy it and release the pass.

And yet we are given periodically to choose how sister would talk with his brother – sarcastically, aggressive or kindness. This is to a certain extent finds its reflection in the final.

Graphics, animations and the overall style of the game only deserve applause.


The art of empathy

Nothing complicated in these puzzles, as you can see, no, yes, and mechanics is very simple (except that the interaction with the figures stands out), but each puzzle every action there working on the atmosphere, to the disclosure of the history and evoke strong emotions – especially when you realize what happened with Finn and how all of this is likely to end.

And when you razdaosh brother’s things (his grandfather – a penknife, which he presented to his grandson, the grandmother – made them a herbarium) when you draw, and to revive his mother’s face that Finn does not remember (she died too early), when you hear him calling: “?

Scarlett, where are you, I am very cold,” play quietly and perceive all this simply as another puzzle / adventure physically does not work – simply because treacherous trembling chin, and his eyes screwed something wet …