Blackened PS5: Dusk Golem Was Stripped Of Moderator Title At ResetEra For Spreading Inaccurate Rumors About “Fake 4K”

Verified insider Dusk golem took advantage of his position to spread inaccurate rumors about PS5… He was discredited by ResetEra, after which he was stripped of the rank of moderator and closed the topic on the forum dedicated to his statements.

“The guy who writes under the nickname Dusk Golem and launched a thread about“ fake 4K ”was deprived of the moderator’s mark, and his topic on ResetEra was blocked. He admitted that he started it to “level the playing field” after the sad news about the Xbox Series X. He was not tech-savvy and knew only scraps and snippets of information about a very early build of Resident Evil 8. “

Dusk Golem previously reported that it is difficult for developers to optimize games for PS5, especially when it comes to 4K resolution.

Insider’s words about the problems of the upcoming console were also ridiculed by the developers Quantum Error, stating that their game is currently running on PS5 at 4K 65-70 FPS. Once optimized, the studio hopes to achieve a stable 60fps.

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