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Rapture, allegory of capitalism and the abyss of mankind, hope stifled by ambition, sparkling place populated by unspeakable horrors created by wicked lovers of unbridled individualism. The cream of society that turns into a monstrous species of parasites (and we are not even in Wall Street), controlled by brilliant men who created small kingdoms at the bottom of the ocean. Released in 2007 on PC and Xbox 360 (on PlayStation 3 arrived the following year), BioShock has rocked the world of video games, becoming yet another hope of seeing them transformed into something more than a technological pastime for bored people.

BioShock triplet

 Bioshock story

Ken Levine, the director of the game (it will be appropriate to start translating director with director?) Had collected the experience made with Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2 and had it merged into a modern shooter and deep, shaped from the wise hands of his studio, the Irrational Games.BioShock was its mechanics, but also an artistic vision that permeated every element.


The bioshock not for nothing has become one of the most iconic titles of the generation Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3, which has given us incredible characters like Andrew Ryan, Atlas, Big Daddy, the Little Sisters and the protagonist, unwitting victim of a larger plot, which finds himself in spite of himself determining the fate of Rapture. bioshock games 2, developed by 2K Marine and released in 2010, is the worst chapter in the trilogy.


In reality it is not a bad shooter, but falls into the classic trap of wanting to add details to a story that does not need it and that, on the contrary, the more it is weighed down and the more fragile it becomes. Ken Levine did not go into the project he always looked at with a sufficient amount. The protagonist is a Big Daddy looking for his little sister.


The journey that he will take will lead him to cross new areas of Rapture and to fight against unpublished opponents. Paradoxically, it has better moments of action than the first chapter, but it is precisely the plot that makes it superfluous. The whole project is represented to perfection by Big Sister: female versions of Big Daddy, are very strong opponents and very fun to deal with. Too bad they are also conceptually ridiculous.


Finally there is BioShock Infinite, probably the most troubled of the three games. According to the news, the development has undergone several jolts and at the end 2K forced Levine to close everything, with conspicuous compromises in terms of stratification of the gameplay, much more linear than what had to be in the original intentions.


Yet Columbia is a fascinating place that alone holds the entire title and the experience has allowed Irrational to pack a solid and multifaceted gameplay. The plot is quite intricate and tells of Detective Booker DeWitt who has to search and bring back to New York a girl named Elizabeth, held captive somewhere in the fluctuating city of Columbia, founded by the prophet Zachary Hale Comstock.

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In reality, playing it turns out that nothing is what it seems and between a twist and the other you get to a surreal ending that is further developed in two DLC, the excellent Burial at The Sea 1 and 2.

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