Bigger than Red Dead Redemption 2 – Chris Roberts Explained Why Star Citizen Spends So Much Time and Resources

Large-scale cosmos Star citizen from Chris Roberts since the announcement in 2012, has been under the scrutiny of millions of players. The dream project of one famous game designer over the past few years has become perhaps the most ambitious development of our time. And Roberts’ unbridled aspirations at many levels resonate with the countless fans who confidently continue to support Star Citizen, giving fabulous amounts of money to further production. Amid all this, heated debate does not abate: someone blames Chris Roberts for inventing an incredibly profitable business model, and the game he creates will never come out, while the other part of the audience defends the author, patiently waiting for the final result.

Taking the opportunity to create an interesting story, the British channel Bbc went to the developers from the studio Cloud imperium games and Chris Roberts himself, in order to let them personally tell about his brainchild, as well as dispel a string of myths surrounding him.

The video notes that Despite rumors circulating around the network about the poor organization of work inside the studio, absolutely all former employees of Cloud Imperium Games praise their work experience with Chris Roberts.

Moreover, by giving reporters a comment on the protracted production of Star Citizen, Mark day, one of the former specialists of the development team, recalled that in addition to creating the game itself, Roberts also assembled from scratch a full-fledged large company with several offices aimed at developing an AAA project, which obviously significantly complicated both tasks at once.

Next, the video goes directly to an interview with Roberts himself, who during the CitizenCon 2019 festival, entirely devoted to the latest Star Citizen news, managed to talk to BBC reporters.

“We are creating a whole game universe. On such a scale that no one could even think of before. It so happened that the development took longer than we planned during the announcement. But even now, when the game is in the alpha test stage, if we take ready-made locations and gameplay mechanics, then Star Citizen can already offer at least as much content, if not more than any other game on the market“explains Chris Roberts.

During the conversation, the game designer also touched on the topic of the development cycle of modern games, comparing Star Citizen with large AAA titles. In particular, he mentioned that the creation Red dead redemption 2 it took more than 7 years – and this western was made by a company in which thousands of employees work. Roberts, whose Star Citizen, as he says, will be more ambitious, had no ready-made studio – everything had to be assembled from scratch. This is time and money.

“It’s easy to talk about things without having the slightest idea of ​​how they work. People have little idea how much work is required to create modern games. Here take Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, which took more than 7 years. And this a much less ambitious development than Star Citizen. We need time, human resources, especially given the expectations of our fans, “concluded the game designer.

The developers also recalled that they do not just create Star Citizen by closing themselves in their office and quietly receiving money from fans – these same fans regularly receive the latest alpha builds with a full range of content and can play fully right now, as well as share feedback with the authors, which are taken into account during further production. Moreover, the annual festival is held throughout the game, where all tickets are sold out.

This distinguishes Star Citizen from other long-running games, such as the Red Dead Redemption 2 mentioned above.

The full release date for Star Citizen is still unknown. By the end of 2023, developers plan to release a single story campaign in the form of an independent game. Squadron 42where famous Hollywood actors are involved.

According to Roberts, Squadron 42 will make players worry more than The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2 or God of War.

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