Completely I confess , that I have and feed does not need to , just – used to play in unusual and carrying away the video games . I told him about those , in which there are no need to overcome her mission for misiyami , resist zombaki and aliens , to overcome the leaders or 
to rescue the beauty queenPulling out of the clutches of fire-breathing dragons .

Here the conversation underway about the games , which obviously , belongs to the art , well, or simply very much out of the frame , in which fit the vast greater part of the current video entertainment . Of Beyond Eyes – at most times ,It is one of those games , which not so long ago came to console the Xbox the One and the PC .

Not povedovat its readers about this video game , was to ignorance , from our side .
As only we have the first time looked at the fragments with of Beyond Eyes , in the same the time to understand , that you need to be sure to get acquainted with this game .

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but it is , as a rule , very correct measure of , that this video game in the end all , simply owes you like the look . What Well , well, finally – then , we We came to the final stage of the adventure 
stories , and of course we can with you , to share new emotions with the heat and with heat .

So, in the game Beyond Eyes you find yourself in the role of 10-year-old girl, Ray, who lost his sight in an accident with fireworks.

The player is very superficial to explain what happened to the main character, and then he finds himself in a totally new and unknown world for yourself – in the world of the blind girl, which will have to know the reality surrounding it with the help of the remaining senses.

In general, the game Beyond Eyes – this is a real collection of the player limitations freedoms. You can only move the Ray of the world around her, and in rare cases interact with certain objects and characters.

The main snag is that the player, as well as the character of the game, does not see the world as it is seen by sighted people.

The world as it appears next to the girl, because of the sounds she hears, and smells that she feels. Imagine: you’re going cautiously forward, and then Ray feels his fingertips in front of the fence. Fence immediately materialized out of the air with the help of a spectacular animation. Vaguely all this reminds us of the film «Daredevil» Ben Affleck.

Sometimes the feeling is fed Ray, and it can take one piece of a very different, and to know its true nature, it is necessary to look at it closer.

For example, the girl seems to be that in front of her on a rope Drying clothes as she hears the wind developing on the fabric. But in reality it is faced with an old scarecrow in a torn shirt, which creates a familiar baby sounds. Or the child seems to be that it came close to a small fountain, and in fact it is the downspout.

The player himself without realizing it, is slowly but surely beginning to understand that people feel deprived of. And that, I think, is a great achievement of the game.

The entire plot of the game boils down to is that Ray is sent to look for a red cat Nanni, who came to her house for a few months and is close friends with a child, but one day just disappeared. Ray had to leave their comfort zone for the sake of another search.

Along the way she will have to face many riddles and overcome fears, which are blind to the child such things as, for example, the road with moving cars on it.

Generally, the most important drawback of the game you can call it a general slowness. Ray walks very slowly. And it seemed to be clear: a child who has lost vision can not blithely run forward, not afraid to stumble and fall or bump into an obstacle.

But this slow rhythm can put out very many players. You now and then trying to find a button on the controller responsible for the running, but you can not do that, because it does not exist. Therefore, advance warning is especially impatient gamers if you’re not prepared for the fact that your character will move very slowly, it is better just does not sit down for this game.