“Where is the publisher looking?” Hogwarts Legacy lead designer Troy Leavitt’s YouTube channel sparks outrage

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Netizens discovered that in the past, the lead role-playing game designer Hogwarts Legacy Troy Leavitt ran a YouTube channel openly criticizing phenomena such as the #MeToo movement, SJW and feminism. He also showed sympathy for supporters. “Gamergate“and spoke negatively about the activist’s activities Anita Sargsyan, which advocates for an increase in the number of female characters in games.

Leavitt’s past in the blogosphere was pointed out by the founder Did You Know Gaming Liam Robertson, after which the news was picked up by the publication Kotaku

“I want to immediately explain that I’m not trying to” cancel “anyone [своим сообщением]… I just want people to know about it [прошлом Ливитта]before deciding whether to support the project, “said Robertson.

After that, calls for Warner Bros. began to be heard from part of the audience on Twitter and on the ResetEra forums. dismiss the developer, but no reaction has yet followed. At the same time, supporters of the designer ask him to ignore negative messages and just keep playing the game. Judging by his profile, he does just that – no reaction to accusations of homophobia, transphobia and misogyny.

Interestingly, if you delve deeper into the topic, you can find that Leavitt did not even try to hide his channel and personally commented on it in an interview for 2017, but then there was no increased attention to his person, since the game in the Harry Potter universe was not announced. He also claims to have shown Warner Bros. his channel before he got the job, and he still has a YouTube link on his Twitter profile.

In one of the old videos, Leavitt said that Warner Bros. does not approve of his statements on controversial topics, but she is primarily interested in the quality of games, and not “promoting certain programs of social justice.”


This is not the first time Hogwarts Legacy finds itself in the epicenter of a scandal. Last fall, there were calls on the network to boycott the game, as it is based on a source from Joanne Rowling, which allows itself “transphobic statements”. At the same time, the writer is not directly involved in the development of the RPG.

Warner Bros. President Interactive Entertainment commented on issues like thisat:

“Harry Potter is the creation of JK Rowling, which we now bring to life with the Portkey Games team. But we must not forget that Ms. Rowling is also a completely free person. She has the right to express her thoughts on social media. I can disagree with her, I can not share her views on certain things, but I recognize and respect her right to freely express herself. ”

Users of the ResetEra forums have already asked the moderators to completely ban Hogwarts Legacy discussions amid the situation with Rowling and Leavitt. In response, they were promised to seriously consider the issue.

The game will go on sale no earlier than 2022

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