Bethesda unveils a pair of heroes for the future Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 – review

Major update Wastelandersannounced back in Junewas supposed to change the world Fallout 76 in November 2019. This did not happen: release postponed until 2023. However, work on the upgrade continues.
Not so long ago Bethesda showed screenshots new locations. And now introduced new NPC heroes. The appearance of living people and sensible ghouls will be the main feature of Wastelanders: at first, the developers thought that the players would completely manage the records on the terminals and random notes.

Now, people will begin to return to the Wasteland, and the world will begin to develop. In the Vault, both new players and veterans will be able to meet new settlers, Lacey and Isela. They will tell you how to get to the Wayward Bar – it is located near C.A.M.P. Caretakers.

The Duchess owns and controls the Wayward, and the ghoul Mort helps her. Mort is a tireless researcher, he knows everything about C.A.M.P. and can tell inexperienced players how to use them. But the Duchess is embarrassed that recently aggressive people have often begun to appear, asking uncomfortable questions. She will entrust us with understanding what is happening.

Non-player characters after installing the update will meet the players at almost every step. They will take on the acquaintance with the world and learn the basics of the game, the earlier the robots and terminals were engaged. But at the same time, they will begin to engage in the restoration of settlements: obviously, the players did not succeed in reviving America by the forces of players.