Bethesda Tells Why Fallout 76 is Proud – review

Company Bethesda released review materialdedicated to the path taken in 2019 by an online role-playing game Fallout 76. According to the team, during this time she managed to solve thousands of problems and create important innovations, so Fallout 76 became bigger, more stable and more interesting than ever.
  • In March, an update was released Wild appalachia, which added to the game the creation of drinks, backpacks, an order of scouts and a camera.
  • In the summer, Vault 94 opened with dangerous missions and unique sets of power armor. Then came the royal battle of Nuclear Winter and the new Morgantown map.
  • A major addition was due in the fall Wastelandershowever his release had to carry over next year.

We are proud of the successes achieved and the way you made this game truly original, bringing your own stories and characters to it, as well as unusual and sometimes hilarious undertakings.


It is worth noting that Bethesda did not say a word about how they added the game paid subscription Fallout 1st. Left behind are also numerous and seriously affecting the gameplay. bugsStarting with duplicate items and ending with a recent opportunity clean inventory another player.