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In an interview The new york times Ben Affleck talked about the reasons for abandoning the role of Batman and the production of a solo film about a superhero.

The portrait of the actor who paints the publication came out quite frank. Affleck openly admits his regrets in life and problems with stress and alcohol, which in many ways influenced his refusal.

According to the actor, he drank in relatively reasonable amounts until 2015-2016, when his family life with actress Jennifer Garner began to fall apart in pieces. The love of drinking was influenced by the artist’s father, who drank almost every day until Ben was 19 years old.

And just in 2016 came out “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and the gloomy mood of the performer of the role of the Dark Knight leaked even through funny interviews with the press, creating the “Affleck Affleck” meme.

Problem production did not help the actor’s interest either. Justice Leagueduring which the director Zach Snyder replaced Joss Whedon. Just after the “League”, Affleck was supposed to start directing a solo film about Batman, but this did not happen.

I showed someone the Batman script, and they told me: “I think the script is good. And I also think that if you decide to go through what you just experienced again, then you will be drunk to death. ”

Ben Affleck

In 2018, he divorced his wife and went to the clinic for the treatment of alcoholism for the third time – the previous two times were in 2001 and 2017. And including refused to produce a solo film about Batman, transferring directorial powers to Matt Reeves.

In the foreseeable future, Affleck will have four films for rent. The closest of them is the sports drama “Offside”, where, symbolically, he plays the role of the coach of a basketball team whose alcohol and pill spoiled his own career. The premiere of the tape will take place in early March.

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