Ben 10, review of the new chapter in the series

The beginning of the adventure
That something does not go in Ben 10 we see it right away. The graphic style chosen by the developers is a sort of cel-shading, which in the movies is able to reproduce at least discrete (emphasize, discreet) the characters. Already from the opening sequence, however, we
can see how the game seemed to have come out directly from the Playstation 2 era, with a high-definition splash: the settings are completely obscure or almost and there is no trace of the details that one coul
d expect from a title of the eighth generation, sold for more at a price list of 40 €. The situation is getting worse when the movie ends, and the game is overwhelmed: in addition to the flaws listed above, the game is constantly suffering from slowdowns. Just
try jumping to find out: even if you are completely alone on the screen, the frames drop dramatically. Needless to say, therefore, that in the most cramped situations the visual rendering deteriorates drast
ically, with our hero who seems to move to the slowdown. Our test was done onSwitch , but we’re sure the situation is not at all different on Playstation 4 or Xbox One .
After understanding that the production quality of the game is not high, let’s go to the audio segment. Ben 10 can also offer a negative experi
ence in this: the music tracks are catchy for the first few minutes, but they become repetitive right afterwards, and will accompany you for th
e duration of a level. Though the levels are not extremely long (one level takes about a quarter of an hour to complete), no one will blame you if you decide to remove the volume from your device.
Ben 10, review of the new chapter in the series
Burns between aliens
Ben 10nothing else is just a beat ’em up to sliding, with a splash of platform here and there. Initially, we can control Ben and his first four transformations into alien. Each alien has special attacks and special abilities, some of which will be required to conti
nue in the levels. For example, we will be able to find ourselves in front of ramps followed by a ravine: we will have to use Roll (name of the alie
n) to roll over the ramp and jump over the precipice. During the adventure we will unlock other aliens, reaching a total of ten. Mostly, our activity will be to wake us from waves of enemies, all of them alike, all unable to offer a consistent challenge. If the le
vel of difficulty calibrated downwards is understandable, at least in part, keeping in mind the title target, what can not be judged is the repetition of situations: for most
of the level we will only have to attack enemies on enemies, without any variation of sorts except in the very short sections of the platform. The problem of fighting is the absence of any depth: although it is possible to concatenate the shots in order to re
ceive more points from the battles, this is limited to the repetition of the only two available attacks. There are no combo or other types of
attack: we simply have to press the same buttons continuously to complete each combat. The boredom, even to say it, is around the corner. Combat points can be spent on alien boosters: each alien has only three available upgrades,
It’s not just the gameplay that is repetitive: even the level design constantly repeats the same situations, and another level is just the continuous repetition of the same locations and the same fights. To weigh it all, we think of the complete lack of seco
ndary activities: once the levels have been over, the game has nothing else to offer, and the only collectors present are
only to acquire other points to spend on upgrades without offering any extra stuff. Considering the limited duration of the game, which can be te
rminated in a handful of hours, it is quite incomprehensible to choose to sell the title at a price that, albeit lower than the market standard, is still too high for the disadvantageous content offered.