It is difficult to evaluate the electronic version of the game for decades are hardly the main lifesaver, rescues from boredom. Sea battle – turn-based strategy, the lottery for a dozen minutes, the excellent “ubivator” extra time such as lessons and lectures. Classic “paper” option allows you to immediately into the ruthless battle with one another and show how it seemed to us, dislocation skill ships (and in fact – your intuition) to stokletochnom field.

Imagine this situation – you come home after a hard training or working hours. Strong dinner, a warm shower – eyes are closed. But before the official lights out there for another hour or two, and you will surely decide to spend them as vividly as possible with your PS4. What to choose? ‘s Creed of Assassin , of Mortal Kombat,For Speed Up Need … Of course not, it’s all some kind of primitive. “Battleship” from Ubisoft has ! Here is what you definitely need!

Absurd? Let him continue. Terrible word “campaign” in the main menu promises thirty unique battles in the vast expanse of the world’s oceans. Pirates, smugglers, orcs, stealth fleet – obviously, this time the writers Ubisoft came up with something worthwhile.

Up in the sea!

Your first fight … The rules are not quite standard: the field of ten on ten can beat the five ships of varying lengths – from two-cell pyatikletochnogo patrol boats to aircraft carriers.

Court can be placed close to each other. Stunning graphics level games for the previous generation of smartphones and innovative interface allows you to do this quickly and easily.

Sides of the screen – the arsenals of the warring parties in the center – two desyatikletochnyh cube covered with watery teksturki pleasant, and above them is built the small screen for a visual display of what is happening – that it was “like a movie.” So, it’s time to shoot …

Battleship Game Review

Trust, the differences between the fractions of 90% pure visual.

In your turn you get three squares of white and three red squares. Them you will throw the enemy field. The first type of military resources for exploration – shot in a certain cell, you know, if there’s an enemy ship. The second – the type of attack.

During your turn, (fifteen minutes) can squander even the whole clip, but sometimes more profitable part of the resources stored on the next move. Because in addition to a single shot, you can use the ability of each of his ships, which are more expensive.

So, for a six-pack midsized boat launch two torpedoes and ten random scan cells and an aircraft carrier in a single shot hit the twelve cells. Wrecks can not shoot. Dynamics is gaining momentum, the empty cells are covered by white buoys and “corpse” battleships,

What to do? Fluctuations in the young admiral are without serious grounds – Smart resource management, assessment of the situation on the battlefield, bold challenges to be solved in the allotted time. Shoot now or postpone the glasses on the next move?

Where better to put intelligence mine? How to optimize the field of fire of the enemy, taking into account all the abilities of ships?

Hundreds of issues requiring in-depth understanding of navigation and the art of war at sea overnight fall on your head! However, you miraculously manage to solve them. And twenty-minute battle ends your triumph.

You will be delighted forget about sleep per night and the fifth category hurricane sweeps through the fleets of the remaining twenty-nine missions. Computer intelligence umneet with each mission, tasks become more and more refined (instead of “kill them all” – “kill them all” with some condition), you unlock new types of fleet, which differ from each other about the same as Pepsi against Coca -Cola.

“Battleship” continues to surprise you and pop more and more new elements, for now, when you have the orc fleet, your vehicles not look like ships – you have six windmills strung on psychedelic LEGO construction type. The same capacity are slightly different in each fleet (aircraft carrier orcs struck nine cells), and are a different number of points.

Diversity of content and the abundance of new parts transforms the classic version of the sea battle in the complex, elaborate and multifaceted strategic discipline.

After the conquest of the entire world’s oceans in the “single” cause you probably throw yourself on the marine duel school friend who is constantly “doing” you at chemistry lessons … I orcs against the navy, he will not stand!