Anyone who loves American comics where heroes wear capes or have powers with which to fight evil, will know that a young artist named Joe Madureira was in charge of the visual work of Uncanny X-Men under the Marvel seal some time ago. . He will also have seen him working on Deadpool publications, Avenging Spider-Man and above all he will recognize him as the author of  Battle Chasers .

Nine were the comics that Madureira gave birth to on Battle Chasers and the wait between publications was getting longer. After leaving the story without a clear end, Joe took a break to engage in the interactive entertainment industry calling on various video


game companies to later be the creative director of Darksiders I and II at Vigil Games. Although the American


cartoonist has returned to the saga with the third installment of Darksiders, he did not want to miss the opportunity to found his own company called Airship Syndicate -with members of Vigil Games- to return to the vignettes that gave him such fame.


Battle Chasers told the story of the legendary warrior Aramus disappeared and his daughter Gully , which receives as a legacy of his father a powerful magic gauntlets. In the search for her father, the girl with long blonde hair makes friends with great skilled


in the art of sword and magic who do not hesitate a moment to protect her to carry out her task. Among them is Garrison, a warrior trained by Aramus and c


onsidered by himself as a son as one of the numbers in the original publication told us. The arrogant and tongued Knolan, the sensual but unstable Red Monika or the war golem Calibretto helped in this difficult task that took them to the Gray Line.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is not the continuation of the acclaimed publication of Joe Madureira, it is a parallel story that will allow you to enjoy the videogame – and part of the comic – to newcomers to this fantasy world. The story will continue to be based on the search for Aramus but the path that the heroes will take is different from the original one . Now Knolan will convince the group to take a route that will take them to Medialuna Island where it is


rumored that a large pool of mana existed in their day. However, that island that once harbored power size is now infested with monsters and bandits w


ho obey a mysterious Dark Lady with great skills in the art of magic. Shortly after arriving at the destination with his “ stealthy“Flying boat, the company fo


rmed by Gully, Calibretto, Garrison, Knolan and Red Monika – later joined to the adventure Alumon – is attacked by the bandits destroying their means of transport and causing the group to separate.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PC) screenshot

With a black destiny ahead, Gully and Calibretto embark on a new adventure, the one of finding their companions at all costs to leave Medialuna Island and to continue with the search of the legendary Aramus. A fable told in an isometric view with a duration close to 30 hours full of surprises that we loved and that shows, once again, that rpg in turns never go out of style.

A comic made video game

To advance the narrative of Battle Chasers: Nightwar our heroes move through a map of the world with its corresponding boxes where it is possible to find enemies, extraction points for materials and objects, exploration places, dungeons, villages or stores. The action is in real time and we can move freely – among its squares – on the map unless some event prevents us.


There are eight dungeons in the game that are generated randomlywith several levels of difficulty, namely between normal, epic and legendary – the latter is unlocked after completing it – and depending on the challenge we have chosen, we will be offered a chest with rewards according to the deed. that we have completed.