Battle Chasers Nightwar

For this last element just and although it is a game that may be perfectly attractive for many players, I consider that for its classic character this work will especially like the most veteran users. A title available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, whose version for Nintendo Switch was delayed at the last moment and still has no set date.


The adventure follows the adventures of the young Gully , the daughter of the legendary warrior Aramus who inherits his gauntlets of power and who, due to the magnificence of his progenitor, becomes a very important target for the warrior’s rivals. Fortunately, to safeguard her life, the young woman has the help of several companions of adventures, characters that we can control as we progress, being able to change from one to another with the superior buttons.


As in every title of this type, each of these characters (the reckless Red Monika, the tough Garrison warrior, the Calibretto robot, the surprising engineer Knolan more than any other …) has its own special characteristics and abilities, which we must put into action throughout a broad world that we can explore with freedom and that is represented in a world map of considerable dimensions.


Charm and turn-based battles

One of the basic ingredients of any RPG, whatever the style, has to do with its combat system , centerpiece of the gameplay that these productions structure. In this case the battles take place in turns , although the enemies do not appear in a random way, being able to perfectly know the position of the rivals before entering battle against them.


Battle Chasers Nightwar analysis

We can move around a world map that encompasses a vast variety of different locations.

This system has seemed very good to me and, although it is not surprising for its operation or for any other aspect in particular, it is very convincing. The developers of AirShip Syndicate (a study made up of several ex-staff members of Vigil Games, the creators of the Darksiders saga ) have opted to implement a combat system that is quite traditional, following closely what was marked by the great representatives of the gender in its most classic aspect. A joy for the most veteran players.


The pace at which these battles take place is very dynamic within what is possible, the spectacular nature of some of the actions and special movements that can be unleashed is very worthwhile … and, of course, the tactical and strategic component has a lot of


weight, being necessary choose well our attacks and defensive movements to get through the toughest fighting, final bosses included. A little that you like this type of battles in turns, you will not get tired of fighting throughout the adventure, I can assure you that.


Battle Chasers Nightwar PC

The tactical and strategic component has a lot of weight

On the other hand, exploration is also very rewarding, especially for two very specific aspects. From the outset it is possible to find numerous hidden secrets in the funds, which allows us to get money and different booties that, apparently, are created in a rando

m manner. And in the same way, the dungeons in which we must go in order to progress in history are also generated in a procedural manner, so each game is different and freshness is more than guaranteed. It is true that the extent of the scenarios is not th
e most vast that I have experienced in a title of these characteristics and that sometimes everything is somewhat linear, but since the adventure tries to emulate what is embodied in the classic works of the genre (such as the first Final Fantasy, for example), is a defect at least understandable.


Battle Chasers Nightwar