Batman: The Enemy Within

Some players were surprised announcement of the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series  at the end of July. Make a worthy continuation of a few months – a difficult task. Let’s say right away: all cost. The first episode of “Mystery” has become one of the best in the history of Telltale . As new parts we will tell about them in the same material. Literally article will from time to time appended, and in the season finale we will put a final rating of the game.
Warning: the text mentions some details of the plot, so if you’re afraid of spoilers, better to play yourself.

The official trailer of the first season.

Riddle me this, Batman

As without new gadgets.
Everything takes place a year after the first part of the finale. Having learned a terrible secret about his parents, Bryus Ueyn’s reputation slowly recovers and tries to do more to help their native city. But during the surveillance of the largest arms dealer Gotham’s hero is faced with a new dangerous enemy: Riddler.
Villain retained the familiar features: the cane, the predominance of green in the clothing and insane love of riddles and puzzles. The creators just replaced the hat on the hood of a character to make a real sadist, which is reflected in his ingenious traps.
Last remind Dzhona Kramera of the invention from the series “Saw” movies. Only the characters in the game lose limbs and get burned for wrong answers.

Tell me who your friends are

Avesta agent obsessed with Batman, and wants to climb into his head
We see the usual archenemy of Batman: The Joker. Bryus Ueyn owes him a favor, and now everything is again built around the green-haired clown. I wonder what their decisions the players themselves will create the future of the Joker.
Appear on the board and new pieces, including the influential Amanda Waller. She chairs the governmental organization “the Agency”, busy hunting Riddler. When deciding whether to accept her help, remember that in the future it is she has to assemble a team notorious thugs, also known as a “suicide squad”. And something tells us that it will happen in the next episode.
We still can choose between Bruce Wayne and Batman.
One of the main features of the first season – the emphasis on the story of Bruce Wayne, not his alter ego. Here we continue to observe how the impact on the businessman of his nocturnal adventures. For the first time Bruce faced with the tragic consequences of their way of life, which are gradually but inexorably plunged into the chaos of Gotham. A new deal with the adversity will help us to improved the suit.
“I have a beginning but no end. And I’m the end of everything that has a beginning. Who am I?”

Fighting Style bat

After the battle with Lady Arkham in the finals last season Armor noticeably shabby, and technical genius Lyutsius Foks decided to update it. Now superhero gloves built “Anchor”.
It works exactly like the “Managed claw” of Batman: Arkham Origins: select the target mark where you want to attach the “Anchor”, and send the hero in flight.
Sami battles are even more spectacular, although sometimes feel a surplus of slo-mo. In addition, disappeared tactical mode in which the player can advance to work out a surprise attack. But now directly in battle, you can choose exactly how to disarm the offender.
Decide how to deal with the enemy, you can now move on.
Do not forget the creators and on investigations: Together with Commissioner Gordon, Batman goes to the intended Riddler’s lair. There he discovers a new maniac trap and landed in her employee’s “Agency”. To get out, players need to figure out how to work the machine of death and which mistakes victim.
Detective mechanics almost unchanged: to mark important places, study them and try to relate to each other. The only thing added, – the need to place events in chronological order. Completely unnecessary functions previously performed automatically.

I do not want to study!

Dzhon Dou might again become your ally.
Unfortunately. the developers have managed to come back on your favorite rake. A feeling that they either can not or do not want to use the strengths of the project. After the announcement of the appearance Riddler gaming community had hoped to take part in the battle of two minds, anticipating many difficult tests. As a result, we got a couple of unpretentious puzzles.
The problem with the same faces enemies was able to solve with the help of masks, but optimization is still suffering. In open terrain and the presence of several characters in the game slows down considerably, which is why Batman sometimes fails. Another Telltale Beach – bad localization. Phrases are translated literally so, some information is lost, and in the names of the locations are constantly means “Tower of Wayne.”