Bare breasts and hairy legs: Russian girl showed a sexy cosplay of a succubus from the game “The Witcher 3”

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Famous Russian cosplay model Lada Lumos appeared before subscribers in a new sexy image of the succubus Ard Skellig from the role-playing game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“. Previously, the girl reincarnated in many recognizable female characters from the universe.”Witcher“, and in one of the recent photosets she completely naked for organic cosplay dryads

However, the new photoset with the participation of Lada Lumos turned out to be no less frank compared to the previous one due to the abundance of erotic shots and warm colors that emphasize all the attractiveness of a succubus, who wants to get another man in his arms for love pleasures, which in case of excessive enthusiasm for the process can become fatal to the latter.

Model: Lada Lumos

Photographer: Kira Mitenkova

In the comments, users enthusiastically reacted to Lada Lumos in the form of an attractive succubus Ard Skellig.

“Very beautiful, erotic and well-conveyed atmosphere. A lovely sight. Only now the legs had to be shaved,” the netizen jokingly noted.

“For some reason, in the theme of The Witcher, she suits any role, she probably played enough / read / saw enough of it and feels the theme well.”

“Good order. 1000 florens”.

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