Badass Hero

The life of the hero is not easy
Badass Hero is a platform shooter, currently produced by the Polish team Awesome Games Studio and recently released on Steam in
Early Access. At present, only a world of the 3 expected is possible, and although some players may seem to be few, the impression is that they will be more than sufficient to satisfy hardcore gamers given the great level of challenge in the game.
Badass Hero presents randomly generated levels for each gameplay: maps, enemies, upgrades available, even the thumbs inside it will be decided every once in a while, making each of our unique adventure; adding
the fortune factor to the ferocity of our opponents we will get a game that, though fully enjoyable for its speed and effectiveness in gameplay, will always force us to stand with the ground on the ground, keeping an eye on the situation and making sure we do not do too much stir up cheats.
Badass Hero
Badass always win
The game can be played both with mouse and keyboard as well as with a traditional controller, although the first method is recommended for better fluidity and precision. Our character can jump, shoot in all directions and shoot at both mid-air an
d on the ground; we will also have available grenades to kill the most difficult enemies to reach and, like any superhero who respects it, a superpower: the freezing of all the enemies on the screen, which will be recharged after another 20 kills, to be used only in situations of extreme danger. By defeating the enemies we will be able to collect ink, which wil
l act as a coin with which we can buy potentials in one of the stores present at the levels, also generated randomly;Without having extra lives at our disposal, we will have to pay attention to our amount of life points so as not to end up being killed in no time; when this happens, we will unlock the skill points to spend to enhance the character, permanently depending on the amount of points earned.Among the unlockable
abilities there are some that boost combo, how to reload bullets in less time after killing enough enemies consecutively, encouraging more aggressive gameplay. However, this does not impose changes to our approach since it is still possible to proceed calmly by planning their killings without running unnecessary risks, having nothing to do with time constr
aints. We also appreciated the graphic style that, although very simple, can be effective with care for details: for example, if we are to collide with one of the sharp wheels present at various levels, we will notice that it will get dirty and will remain in that even th
ough we will abandon the level and we will come back.
We certainly hope that in the final version there are further arrangements of this type, at present not present in high volume.