Baby Yoda from Mandalorets turned out to be a villain with a different name

The Internet exploded after the appearance of the cute character on the Mandalorets series, whom fans nicknamed Baby Yoda, but he turned out to be a villain with a completely different name.

The series “Mandalorets” from the service Disney+ continues to receive new episodes. According to, in the latest series, Star Wars fans were shown a scene in which the protagonist fought mercenary Kara Dune in arm wrestling. Baby Yoda thought his friend was in danger, and therefore he used the Force against the enemy. The cute character tried to strangle Kara, as Darth Vader repeatedly did in Star Wars. This technique of Force Removal relates to the skills of the Dark Side, and none of the Jedi have ever used it, only the Sith and their followers. Now fans believe that Baby Yoda will be a villain, not a new hero of a distant, distant galaxy. However, some Star Wars fans believe that Luke Skywalker also used this trick in The Return of the Jedi, which is why it cannot be considered a skill exclusively on the Dark Side. Fans have been arguing about this scene with Luke in episode 6 for several decades. Some see it as a Strangulation of Force, others as some other special technique for euthanizing opponents.

The situation with Baby Yoda was also commented on by Disney CEO Bob Iger, reports. He stated that this character has a real name, not a nickname given to him by the audience of the TV series Mandalorets. At the same time, Bob Iger already knows him, but at the same time he is doubly focused on not accidentally blinding him. He did not reveal his name. “I can make a statement: the name of the child is not George,” Iger joked about the connection between Todd Yoda and Star Wars author George Lucas. So far, fans can only guess what this character’s name is and whether he is a Sith.

The series “Mandalorets” with Pedro Pascal (Pedro Pascal) comes out on November 12, 2019 in the streaming service Disney +. His events unfold between the 6th and 7th episodes of Star Wars.