“Avatar 2” showed in the first shots of James Cameron

The cult director James Cameron (James Cameron) officially showed the first shots of the expected blockbuster “Avatar 2”, the events of which will unfold on the fantastic planet Pandore. Cameron himself works not only on the sequel, but also on the films Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5.

At the last CES 2023 exhibition, director James Cameron and his team presented four new frames of the Avatar 2 movie at once, Gamebomb.ru reports. Since the filming of the film began only recently, the director showed 4 Avatar 2 concept art with landscapes and oceans of the planet Pandora, which will remain the scene of the sequel. On the new concept art you can see not only the recognizable picturesque landscapes of the majestic Pandora, but also many of the inhabitants of the planet known as Na’Vi, as well as various fantastic creatures. According to Cameron, in the sequels of the movie Avatar, the oceans of Pandora will play an important part, and the main characters will plunge into their bowels.

In addition to the new frames of the movie Avatar 2, the creators also presented the futuristic concept of the Mercedes-Benz car, inspired by the science fiction film. It is noted that Cameron himself worked with other specialists on the design of the new vehicle. The director also admitted that he loves all kinds of equipment, vehicles and robots, and all this will be fully presented in the picture “Avatar 2” and other planned sequels. At the moment, it is known that the films Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are in the works.

The release of the movie “Avatar 2” is still scheduled for December 2023, but the picture has already been repeatedly transferred, Gamebomb.ru reports. Cameron himself believes that the first film “Avatar” will be able to break the record for the film “Avengers Final” from Marvel, and collect more money at the box office as a result of Avatar appearing at the box office before the premiere of the movie Avatar 2.