Aurora 7 has seven screens – review

Company Expanscape from the UK announced at the exhibition CES 2023 very unusual laptop Aurora 7. It is based on desktop components and immediately has seven built-in displays.

New based on processor Core i9-9900K and schedule NVIDIA GeForce RTX. Four displays have a diagonal of 17.3 inches and a resolution of 4K. The remaining three are 7 inches and Full HD, respectively. Other specifications and prices promise to be announced in the coming days.

It is clear that this is only an engineering prototype, but it looks amazing and crazy. The company claims that it will sell the new product at the prototyping stage, before mass production begins. Expanscape is positioning Aurora for developers and cybersecurity professionals.

And the company showed the device Teenyserve duo. This is something like an enlarged PDA or a small laptop with two screens, a quad-core processor Intel i7 with multithreading, NVMe SSDs and 64 GB of RAM. Who may need such a device – one can only guess.