Despite the impressive popularity of anime and manga series Attack on Titan, a decent game adaptation of the story of the confrontation between the remnants of humanity and the countless hordes of ogres until now I have not won.

Miserable Humanity in Chains for 3DS could boast except that the pile of borrowed fragments from an anime, control curve and primitive gameplay. The birth of a number of fan projects showed that the fans do not want to put up with such injustice and ready themselves to make a game of your favorite TV series.

Finally, for the matter was taken Omega Force, Department of Koei Tecmo, is responsible for the development of Dynasty Warriors and many other games in the genre musou.

Their unusual look at the games of other genres can be seen in Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, and experience in the adaptation of animated universes there after an excellent trilogy One Piece: Pirate Warriors and weak, but still true to the original Novels Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. But imagine a world “Titans” in Musou-game format is not so simple. So what in the end it turned out Wings of Freedom and whether it deserves attention?

Publicly Available Information

If you are not familiar with the plot, then this game will most likely not for you, and, nevertheless, a few words about the complication.

About a hundred years before the events suddenly appeared humanoid giants almost completely wiped out humanity. Few survivors managed to hide behind three gigantic walls ringed the last bastion of human power – Mary Rose and Sina.

Horrific enemies mercilessly devour people, but do not need food to survive, count from three to fifteen meters tall and, being deprived intelligence, can not overcome the fifty-meter wall here for a century.

Three children living in the city Shiganshina on the southern edge of the wall Mary witness the chilling events – over rising up to the sky wall face appeared Colossal Titan, and a moment later, the exterior gate was destroyed by a single blow of his feet.

The ensuing attack Armored Titan broke through the inner gate, allowing the crowds pour into mindless cannibals, and untrained people had nothing left except fear to flee, leaving the outer wall, and as a result, a third of its territory. Within seconds rest and turned daily horror and mortal danger.

miracle children managed to escape, but Eren’s mother was eaten before his eyes, the father was missing, and parents Armin was soon killed in the deliberately bad operations in order to regain lost ground.

Two years later, a burning hatred Eren joined the ranks of cadets, determined to exterminate all the Titans to the last, and pursues him a half-sister Mikasa and even physically unprepared Armin join him.

This world is cruel and merciless… but it is also very beautiful

The first thing you notice when meeting with the Wings of Freedom – how well managed to convey the style and atmosphere of the original source. It is based on the design of the anime adaptation, the character models look great and even more like their prototypes, than is the case with the characters Pirate Warriors.

Titans like never grotesque, absurd and yet terrifying. Attention to detail unspeakably happy, like the ubiquitous references, which are filled with dialogues and scenes during and between missions.

Original seiyuu returned to announce all, even small and emerging a short time characters, but the absence of the English dub of the series fans are unlikely to regret. The only thing missing – perky opening theme of the first season, which even know probably, those who do and do not sign with the Attack on Titan. Small matter,