Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

Omega Force has never had problems making games of acceptable quality based on anime and manga franchises. Already has a formula, the Warriors saga, which fits like a glove in sagas as One Piece, The fist of the North Star or the next Berserk.


That is why they can be allowed to maintain quality standards while continuing production in series. Only in this year have been seven games, including Hyrule Warriors Legends, Toukiden 2, the aforementioned Berserk and the title that concerns us, Attack on Titan

Probably the musou based on Hajime Isayama’s shonen has brought them some headaches because of the need to leave their comfort zone with this adaptation to

God Eater 2: Rage Burst

develop new mechanics that reflect the speed and tension we saw in the anime of 2013. And that, for a study that produces one title after another without taking up too much of the details, is a problem. A problem that they have been able to solve but they have not managed to polish .

Shingeki no Kyojin, as the series is known in the country of the rising sun, introduces us to a medieval world where society lives secluded in towns fortified by huge walls of those who have never left for fear of the titans, humanoid monsters several meters high that


feed on people. The conflict that begins the story begins with the appearance of a great titan that opens a hole in the outer wall (it is concentric circular fortifications) allowing the mass of hungry and without intelligence


to destroy the villages and their inhabitants. That’s where the protagonists come in. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and another handful of teenagers forming in the


army in charge of protecting the population thanks to their ability and the three-dimensional maneuvering team,

Attack on Titan (PC) screenshot

Titanic combat

This is taken to the video game with a surprising mechanics at the beginning and to which the seams are later seen . Flying with the EMT, which is how we will end up moving constantly, is simple and frenetic, and from the same air we can fix the camera on a titan, necessary to be able to attack them and aim at any of its members or the nape of the neck.


Cutting the members of the titans will not only slow down their movement or prevent them from catching us, but some of those parts will give us resources


that we can use to improve the swords, the gas tanks (both resources that we will have to restore in the same levels thanks to the battle assistants) or the EMT through the simple system of crafting and improvement of equipment that they have included.


Titans are not all the same; there are “normal” and abnormal (behave differently, setting goals or moving erratically), and within those categories can be small, medium or large. This does not change the combat or the way to face them, but in the amount of blows necessary to defeat them, in the need to amputate them some member (yes, the game is quite bloody,


although you can always deactivate the “tomato”) so that they can not cover the neck or have to throw a grenade of light or sound, according to the titan, to stun them.


The titans that appear to end the level do not feel different either – with kinematics, of course, that we will see repeated dozens of times. Although in the first screens will be through this method as we will discover new abnormal titans