Attack on Titan 2

Season 2
We start from the contextualization of the plot: although the third season is coming soon, Attack on Titan 2 will only deal with the second, with references to what happened earlier, but without going beyond the last episodes of the saga. So we came to the moment when the giant inside the walls was discovered, Annie is still hibernated and Shepherd Nick finds himself aware of the main misfortune, which was the cliffhanger of the first season.
 From here, it will also share the game, which will come – as confirmed by both the team and the ads that have been happening these days – also on Switch. For now there is no details on the Western release, nor on the consoles for which the game will arrive, so we only get good information for the eastern market.
As far as the first episode is concerned, how logically is, the difference lies in the plot that will go hand in hand with the anime, but there have been significant improvements, ensuring the team, also with regard to giants, that in movements and in the animations will be much more credible, as well as with their reactions.
The important aspect is for multiplayer: Attack on Titan 2 will again be proposed in this way, which will include a coop, as well as the first chapter, but there will also be novelties which have not yet been explained. title is still under construction and this aspect is the most proud, which will force us to wait a few more months to understand what he can offer us. It goes without saying that multiplayer support, we are assured, will be broad, almost as much as the single player, so we expect different modes in the final proposal.
The best thing to do with the development of the online compartment would be to customize your character: the fan demand was high, prompting the team to reason on the possibility of adding a creation of our alter ego within of the game even in single player mode, so it does not have to be Eren or Mikasa, as it did in the first Attack on Titan, strongly story driven.
In this regard, single player mode will obviously include a story mode, but our provocation about the possibility of having an open world at our disposal has not been captured: The Giant Attack, as is well known, is set in a citadel protected by walls, with a people who practically live imprisoned, or protected to say the least, from the presence of the Giants to the outside.
Both the manga and the anime, however, have shown us on several occasions that the action outside the walls is plentiful, so expecting the presence of an open world did not seem like we were in the air: what is it that a free mode does not seem to be in the plans of Omega Force.


However, the hub remains the gameplay: having been able to test the new Dynasty Warrior 9 (in the East marketed as Dynasty Warrior 8 for a weird numbering game), changed in several respects to the saga’s earlier, we wondered if there would be some support from other sagas, maybe the assets that will be provided ready and complete .
 The team, however, seemed to be very jealous of the treated IP, as it is right, so we have been told that their attention is focused on those parameters that the saga offers them with all the limitations of the case, that will not allow the development team variations on the theme: obviously there will be some specific situations that will be borrowed from other mousoues, since gender is the same, as the engine will be virtually the same as other Tecmo Koei titles, including the Dynasty Warrior note: some animations will be common, but the structure itself has been molded to better dress the treated IP.
 Finally, improvements have been made to the three-dimensional motion system that is the Recognition Army, but that’s why we have to wait for the first hands on.