Atomega, the new evolutionist shooter of Ubisoft Reflections

Evolution is the underlying concept of Atomega ‘s gameplay . It starts from the atom, the first of the seven stages of the growth of the Exoform (the creatures protagonists of the game) represented by a small sphere that can not help but jump and move. At the gathering of the very first mass cube becomes Cel, that is a small cube that can move quickly and shoot fast but little powerful shots. Continuing to collect mass grows more and more until you get to the devastating Omega form, imposing and powerful that, besides guaranteeing you a great power, will allow you to get many more points than normal.

In fact, the purpose of the game is to get more points from opponents within the time limit.Points are collected by getting the mass and killing of the opponents, and each evolutionary stage has a growing multiplier tied to point picking. The subsequent evolutionary stages also provide greater firepower but at the same time are more and more pachydermic in movement and size, making it impossible to hide or escape from the most complicated situations.

This is the duality that is based on Atomega’s gameplay. Those who live in the lowest evolutionary stages can enter the many holes in the – alas – the only map of the game, but also take advantage of launchpads and various lifts. At the same time it will always be fragile and at the mercy of the most powerful players, who at one point can only walk like giants on the map in search of opponents to break down, since the cubes in the beautiful view tend to be smaller compared to those hidden here and there. Fighting dynamics also includes Teleport, the ability to escape to a safe place automatically as soon as the life bar is near zero with the only penalty of having to return to a lower evolutionary stage.

For this structure, Atomegait’s easy to learn, enjoy it right away, but it’s not a fussy game. There are a number of measures introduced by Reflections that give a certain depth to Atomega. For example, speaking of the pertusses and secret passages in the map, you can always understand where you can go or not because of a yellow luminescence present in the contours of the inputs, but also in the launchpads scattered around the map. In this way, it is impossible to stop because, perhaps, its size is wrong with the scenario, and the game always flows smoothly. Additionally, the player arriving at Omega’s maximum evolution stage is immediately reported to all other players.

This prevents the player from continuing to run smoothly for the map, and also gets spontaneous collaboration to break it down as soon as possible, or the more jackal players can take advantage of the general panic to infest on the weaker and earn easy points.

Finally, scattered around the map there are some yellow cubes that, once collected, guarantee a power up called “Hack” to the player. Among these are the ability to cure, apply a shield to themselves, inflict more damage, but also the ability to steal masses to the affected players. Used at the right time, they guarantee unpredictability to the game and may overturn some stalling situations.

Neon and lucine Atomega , in short, works great, also thanks to its aesthetics, which recalls a sweetened version of Tron. The whole world is made of cubes, from the evolutionary models of characters to scenarios, where the now abusive pixel art is replaced by a bright futuristic aesthetic. Despite appearances, the color palette used in

The review by Atomega, the new evolutionist shooter of Ubisoft Reflections