Atelier Shallie Plus Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

Same name, different women
Shallistera and Shallotte are two young people living in the same region, Dusk, in a world where drought does not seem to want to give resentment t
o the population: the first is the elderly daughter of the village of Lugion, one of the most affected by the scarcity of water resources, while the second is a city girl looking for his way into life, between a casual job here and an alchemical attempt there.
Their fate will end up crossing early, and the player will be asked to choose which of them to impersonate: each of the two campaigns is of a l
ong duration less than the standards that JRPG enthusiasts are accustomed to (about fifteen hours, specifically ) but the ability to play both, to fully enjoy both stories (indeed almost equal to each other), can increase the recyclability factor and, consequently, the life of the product.
This version of PlaystationVita sees the addition of a good number of additional scenes and optional dialogues as well as two of the protagonist
s of the previous titles of the so-called “Dusk Trilogy”, namely Ayesha (by Atelier Ayesha ) and Logy (by Atelier Escha & Logy ): Though the most fancied fanbase will appreciate the closure of stories about these two characters and the greatest sense of accomplishment Atelier Shallie Plus guarantees at the narrative level, one must recognize that additions weigh less than we would expect in the wider drawing of the storyline which combines the three titles.
Nevertheless, they testify to how the development team listened to complaints and fan tips at the time of release on Playstation 3, trying to remed
y this version, which, by analyzing only the narrative side, remains the most complete and , as such, to be recommended to those who want to deepen the Dusk universe.
Look no hope in a mature and obscure story, however: like the titles that preceded it, this also maintains the carefree and lightweight background that has always characterized the plot of this franchise.
Atelier Shallie Plus Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
Explore, create and, if time goes on, fight
Unlike the plot and the technical department, which still make a difference (not always in the best, as we will see) compared to the Playstation 3 version, the gameplay core of Atelier Shallie Plus remains unchanged: the pivot of gaming experience is still rep
resented by alchemy, which is based on a system so uncomfortable in the management of countless menus as profound and engaging, allowing the player to give birth to hundreds of different objects, each with certain abilities and properties.
This chapter is the first in the series to remove the strict limitations that characterize the predecessors, enabling the player to embark on a large number of secondary quests and enjoy leisure time between one and the next. , on the other hand, taking away the rhythm of narrative and advancement along the mainstream, which in fact is very diluted in the second part of the game.
To meet the basic requirements to proceed, it is now enough to fill the bar of the so-called Life Tasks, tasks that mostly revolve around searching for certain materials and creating unique items, then delivering to several NPCs to carry the plot.
In this framework, fighting plays a secondary role in alchemy, but this does not mean that they do not play a major role in the gaming economy: the clashes are in turn, with the two-line party, one of the strikers and the other that recharges the mana and the assistant bar, which, when full, allows cross-attack of devastating power.
Not that without these shots
the situation would be complicated: Atelier Shallie Plusis a title with particularly low entry barriers, permeated by uncompromising clashes that only rarely result in boss battles slightly more prominent, but they can be overcome without big bumps if you are are adequately prepared during alchemical creation.