At gamescom 2022 announced a team futuristic action game Spine – Igromania

On gamescom 2022 publishing house Nekki presented a futuristic team action Spine, which is being created for next-generation consoles, as well as PCs and mobile devices on iOS and Android.

The announcement was accompanied by a dark cinematic trailer full of dynamics and … equally fast-paced chase and battle frames during an incessant downpour.

According to the description of the project, we are waiting for a third-person action game with characters, “each of whom is able to accelerate their reflexes to the limit with the help of Spine technology.” In general, we choose fighters and participate in battles either for freedom or for the system.

At the same time, the developers want to make the battles as cinematic as possible, and the players will be able to arm themselves with both melee and firearms.

“Shoot with two hands while jumping, hitting bullets with your katana and running along walls: even in the most brutal fight, the Spine implant will retain the precision and grace of your movements.”

No release date for Spine has yet been announced.

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