At “Evening Urgant” sang the “Coin” from “The Witcher”


January 1st Omsk Russian folk choir published a video where musicians in the Omsk Philharmonic performed the Russian version of the song Toss a Coin to your Witcher – “Pay the witcher with a minted coin“- from the Netflix series.
The authors hoped that they would be able to get at least 10 thousand views: so they wanted to attract the attention of Ivan Urgant and his evening program so that they could talk about the band on the air of Channel One.
But in the end, the video became a real information bomb, gaining great popularity: in the first four days it was watched almost 500 thousand times. The authors of “Evening Urgant” did not stand aside, deciding to talk about the musicians during the program.
However, this did not end there: during the segment about the choir, he suddenly appeared in the frame, having started to perform the viral song of Buttercup from the Netflix series …
The first season of The Witcher was released on Netflix two weeks ago, on December 20. Despite the release at the end of the year, the project became the sixth most popular service for 2019. No wonder the online cinema extended the show for the second season back in November. True, new series will be released no earlier than 2023.
The original movie of the choir
The actor, who played Buttercup in The Witcher, himself was tired of the song about the minted coin