Astro Colony fulfills its main goal on Kickstarter – review addiction

A week ago Polish studio Terad Games brought to Kickstarter his debut project: a space urban planning strategy Astro colony

And the attempt turned out to be successful: the 12 thousand dollars required for success have already been collected.
The developers have identified additional funding targets. Among them – advanced multiplayer with integration into Steam, console release, story campaign with full voice acting, support for custom modifications and customizable spaceships and rovers.

Astro Colony is a space sandbox in which we have to build and fully automate a colony, as in Factorio, explore endless space as in Space Engineers, while the game world is built of voxels, as in Minecraft, and allows for large-scale changes.

The Astro Colony campaign finale is 22 days away. The game can already be added to your wishlist on Steam.

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